The Vig’s & Don Bosco’s Revenge: It’s Time For This Week To End

It has not been the greatest year. In sports. In life.

I would have hoped that it might have ended on a more positive note.

But, noooooooooooooooooooooo . . .

U of L’s Cardinals lost the Belk Bowl.

U of L’s Cardinals lost their Big East opener against Georgetown.

U of L visits Rupp for a New Year’s Eve encounter when more will be dropping than the traditional balloons at midnight.

My sweetie has a fractured T-12, suffered when some snowboarder blasted into her from behind on the Utah slopes last week.

And Joey The Vig, still on holiday in the Seychelles, but with a fresh bevy of beauties especially flown in for his pleasure, left a one word text: “Ha.” It was in obvious reference to my less than stellar prognosticatory power this bowl season.

* * * * *

Much has been said and written about this season’s Trinity High School football team. The State Champion Shamrocks blasted through their schedule, essentially unimpeded. And, have been crowned, by several ratings gurus, as “National Champion.”

The other contender for that latter title has been Don Bosco, a prep school in New Jersey.

Since the teams don’t play each other — though they tried to set up a game — we really don’t know which is actually the best.

But it is clear who has won the PR battle.

Don Bosco.

In the latest edition of The New Yorker — You read that right, The New Yorker — there is a 16 page article about Don Bosco’s football team. Yes, that is the correct page count. This is a ‘zine that still eschews sound bite McJournalism.

* * * * *

As for Joey The Vig’s Pool, I’ve plummeted in a very short space of time from a tie at the top of the standings. Now I’m firmly nestled in a tie for 31st place. There are only 38 participants, several of whom, frankly, don’t know the difference between a football and croquet ball.

Louisville lost. Western Michigan let me down. California let me down. I liked Toledo over Air Force, but chose not to include that game on my ballot.

Which means I’m now buying The Vig his Mai Tais at the pool bar.

His guys, Sal and Vito, stopped by this morning, bearing a holiday gift.

Sal: “The Vig asked me to drop this by, Seedy K. He knows you are of the Jewish persuasion. You celebrate Chinookah, right? He just wanted me to tell you how very much he appreciates your voluntary participation in his little endeavors. Right, Vito?”

Vito: “That’s exactly right, Sal. Good work.”

The gift: A pocket calendar with a faux leather cover, reading “Goomba’s Auto Parts.”

The Vig is nothing if not thoughtful.

– Seedy K

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