Getting Ahead of Myself: UK Preview

Yes, yes, yes, I know. Who more than I espouse the one game at a time philosophy?

You only play who(m) you play, right?

U of L’s conference opener — and a dandy tilt is in the offing at that — is tonight. The Hoya Paranoia 2011-12 Tour plays the Yum!

That other game this week isn’t until Saturday noon.

Buuuuuuuuut . . . I had a deadline for the print edition of this august ‘zine. Which required that I skip a game, and, under editor’s orders, contemplate U of L vs. UK. Sigh.

May the Basketball Deities not look too harshly upon my soul.

You can check it out in this week’s print edition of LEO, on newsstands everywhere, or, now that you’re logged online, you can read the contemplation here.

– Seedy K

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