Christmas Monday: Emptying the Stocking

I’m advised that my nemesis Joey the Vig is on holiday in the Seychelles with several jeune filles half his age. Or so his “associate” Sal advised with admiration in his voice. But JTV still had time, while lolling by the pool, to text me in the aftermath of Nevada’s Hawaii Bowl L to Southern Miss.

“Nice job Nevada,” it read. Short and sweet.

Yes, failing to realize in my not so complete research on that game that Nevada has never won in Hawaii, I have taken a little hit in the Vig’s Bowl Pool.

However, I was smart enough to demur when JTV offered to allow me to double down on the Pool. After all, I pretty much have paid for his plane fare over to that exotic vacation spot, so I needn’t pick up his hotel bill also.

In case you missed my post-Christmas bowl picks, you can read them here. In the games coming up in the next few days, I’ve got Mizzou, Western Michigan, Louisville, Cal, Florida State, Baylor, Tulsa, Mississippi State, and Oooooooooklahoma.

* * * * *

I’ve never quite understood the theory of the NBA that the Knicks, Lakers and Celts have to be good.

Riddle me that, Herr Commissioner Stern.

Well, there’s indeed a paradigm shift in L A. Chris Paul’s Clippers throttled Golden State last night. (I’d break down the game, but I was long asleep at tipoff.) And the Lakers showed just why they are now old and in the way.

I did see the ending of their L to the surging Chicago Bulls.

Down 10 with just a few minutes to play, the Second City gang grabbed the game by the short and curlies and made it theirs. Derrick Rose — He played for Coach Cal at Memphis State, you might recall — made an absolutely Jordanesque play for the winner with about four seconds to play. More telling, Kobe was thwarted at the buzzer, when any of three Bulls were there to block his baseline fall away.

Very astute D, it seems to me. Knowing that Kobe wouldn’t pass the ball, even though there had to be at least two teammates wide open.

The Lakers are yesterday’s email as far as this season is concerned. Even if they pull off some Dwight Howard deal. That said, the franchise was screwed by Herr Commissioner Stern when he nixed its deal for Chris Paul.

I’m predicting that Laker ├╝berfan, you know Jaaaaaaaaaack! Whatsisname, the movie actor, just might switch allegiances.

* * * * *

Lost in all the holiday folly, what with the runup to U of L vs. UK, Bowl Week, the beginning of the NBA season and the playoffs sorting out in the NFL, is the real sports conundrum. Milford High. Tatts.

How is Gil Thorp going to deal with a hoops squad getting chummy with the smarmy local tattoo artist? It’s sure to be an ominous situation for coach and his squad as they head toward the post season playdowns.

In the current ongoing encounter with Putnam Vo-Tech, Cortez Beecher dominated early for Milford. Up by 6, but with foul trouble, Coach Thorp inserted soph Ric Devore into the lineup. He immediately fired an assist to Parker Bowen to increase the lead. Bowen, as you surely noticed, is the fellow who has the Milford insignia tattooed on this shoulder.

This tattoo thing is sure to test Gil Thorp’s mentorship as much as any that’s come before.

* * * * *

Speaking of high school hoops, how about my surging J.M. Atherton Rebels?

* * * * *

My Detroit Lions have qualified for the NFL playoffs.

What I love about that league, verily all the pro leagues, is that style points mean nada. The teams with the best records get to compete for the championship. No computers choosing. No coaches (or their SIDs) choosing. No sportswriters choosing.

Just Ws and Ls, baby, the way it was meant to be.

– Seedy K

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