Tuesday’s Testosteronian Tussles: Gates vs. Frease, Prokhorov vs. Putin, Harrison vs. NFL & the Undercard

Contrition vs. No Contrition. Yancy Gates sat there and cried like a man.

Good for him.

Does his apology yesterday, which seemed heartfelt, and was certainly emotional, make up for sucker punching Xavier center Kenny Frease?

Of course not.

But, in my book, it goes along way. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody — except maybe Tim Tebow — gets mad. Especially youth. In a video game era, kids, desensitized, get violent. It happened to Gates on Saturday. We must remember he didn’t commit a felony. Literally, at best, any charges would be misdemeanor assault.

Frankly, there were others whose actions were more disturbing. Tu Holloway’s woofing instigated the deal, even if didn’t, as the Xavier crew is alleging, push or throw a punch. Then Holloway’s absurd statements at a press conference about how “gansta” his club is, how they intend to “zip it up.” Gates teammate Cheikh Mbodj sucker stomped and kicked Frease after he was on the ground. Now that may be felonious.

So, I’m satisfied — as if what I desire is of any consequence in this matter — with the Cincy suspensions.

Not so satisfied with Xavier’s punishment and Chris Mack’s relative silence in the aftermath of the sordid affair.

And totally disgusted with the Atlantic 10 Coordinator of Officials Reggie Greenwood. Of the refs, Tony Crisp, Michael Roberts and Jeff Anderson, Greenwood stated, “I was at the game, I was not aware of any activity that warranted any technical fouls except for the situation at the end of the game and the end of the first half. From my perspective, I think they did an excellent job in preventing an escalation at the end of the game.”

Uh, excuse me.

These two rivals had been woofing for a week before tip off. Which behavior ratcheted up from the opening tip.

What did that terrible trio of zebras do to quell the animus on display?

To quote my man Edwin Starr, “Absolutely nothing.”

Crisp, Roberts and Anderson should be suspended for the rest of the year, sent back to ref middle school games.

Stupidity vs. Strength. Mikhaill Prokhorov obviously knows how to make money. The billionaire has flourished in Russia’s mafia-infested free market economy after the fall of the Soviet Union. So, one would think he’s a smart guy. He sure does know how to charm, and always disembarks his jumbo jet with a phalanx of hotties.

But taking on Vladimir Putin for the country’s presidency just seems, well, stupid.

I mean the guy’s hangin’ with Jay Z, etc, etc. Hangin’ in NYC vs. Hangin’ in the Kremlin? You tell me.

Besides, Putin is an evil guy. Stalin incarnate. In the past when somebody’s pissed him off, even really really wealthy business guys, Putin’s either had them jailed, or issued an official statement when the object of his ire was unexpectedly killed in an auto “accident.”

Harrison vs. Headbutts. James Harrison did it again on Sunday, dropping Browns’ QB Colt McCoy with a helmet on helmet.

For this, his umpteenth transgression, the Steelers LB has been suspended one game only.

Sitting the serial violator for the rest of the season would have been more appropriate.

David Stern vs. NBA. You don’t see Mikhail Prokhorov — or anybody else involved in pro hoops — challenging NBA czar, David Stern. Maybe Putin should take a meeting with Stern.

State vs. Sandusky. The former Penn State assistant waived his right to face his accusers at a preliminary hearing.

Smart tactic? Who knows? His attorney certainly hasn’t displayed much legal acumen to this point. Yet, not allowing the public to hear those shower tales might be a decent strategy. At least from a PR standpoint.

Kansas vs. Common Sense. The Rock Chalk Jayhawks hired Charlie Weis to be their new head coach.

I guess that’s as good a place to stop as any. It’s hard to find anything more absurd.

– Seedy K

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