Some Saturday Night Sports Snippets

Kentucky only had 7 blocks this afternoon in their hang tough 1 point W over Carolina.

But, oh my, how timely the last one was. Long, lean, lithe and supertalented Anthony Davis blocked a 12 foot jumper by long, lean, lithe and supertalented John Henson. Ball game.

So I now have inked in these two combatants to that list that includes Ohio State of schools that have proven already they will be national contenders come March. I know, not a surprise, but, hey, you never know. Vandy was supposed to be real good too, but they’ve already fallen thrice.

My guess is there will be a few more come Dance time, but the Buckeyes, Tar Heels and Wildcats are the Holy Trinity at this early stage.

* * * * *

By the by, UK’s W was very impressive. Duh. The youngsters stayed poised and executed when it mattered. Hard to tell who were the veterans and who were the newcomers?

* * * * *

UCLA lost again today, falling to 2-5 on the year, and falling apart before our eyes.

I was chatting with hoops maven Seth Davis last night before the U of L game. He agreed with me that Reeves Nelson is the most toxic player in college hoops. I’d say he’s Eric Devendorf incarnate. Punkus maximus is the correct descriptor in original Latin.

The forward who didn’t tally in today’s L to Texas, ran off a bunch of Bruins. And, Davis pointed out, Ben Howland for some idiotic reason, recruited that prima donna transfer Larry Drew II who quit on North Carolina in the middle of last season.

* * * * *

Lots of national press in the Yum! last night for the U of L/ Vandy tilt.

Made sense. UK played St. John’s on Thursday, and Carolina this noon. So the cognoscenti caught the Cats twice and Cards against a top 25 foe, on 3 consecutive days.

Noticeably missing at the Cardinal game but spotted in Lexington was Hoops Weiss. The touped Weiss used to be a big Pitino booster, but seems to have switched allegiances to Coach Cal. As if he had to choose, or something.

Several wags joked that Calipari must have promised the Hoopster full access between Thursday’s and today’s games to keep him from coming to Louisville to write about the Cards.

* * * * *

Vandy, along with only 2 other schools, has fashioned an interesting and obviously unique achievement. The Commodores have tallied a trey in every game since the three pointer was instituted in the college game. The other two that have done it: UNLV and Princeton.

One other nugget of trivia about last night’s loser. Vandy has never played in three straight NCAA tournaments. But are looking to break that trend this season.

* * * * *

Nice job, Houston Cougars.

* * * * *

I’m watching the Big 10, 11,12 title game as I write this.

Damn, I love it when Gus Johnson calls a game.

* * * * *

Harvard is 7-0 with Ws over Utah, Florida State and at Vermont. The Crimson ought to be in the Top 25.

Tommy Amaker’s crew is being called the best ever in the Ivy League.

Guess a lot of folks have forgotten that the Bill Bradley-led Princeton Tigers made the Final Four in ’65.

* * * * *

It’s early in Stillwater as I write. But Okie State is moving the ball with ease . . . so far.

LSU vs. Alabama will be good to watch. I’d prefer seeing the Cowboys take a crack at that Tiger defense.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted December 3, 2011 at 10:40 pm | Permalink

    Columbia had a pretty darned good team too when they had Jim McMillan and Heywood Dotson, both of whom made it to the NBA.

    And Seth Davis doesn’t do his homework. The guy mails it in. This year on he said UofL would need to replace Edgar Sosa. Hmmm, I think he could be behind the times. And he recently said if UK played in Freedom Hall they would fill it. UK DOES play in Freedom Hall once a year and DOES NOT fill it (used to when they played good teams but no longer). I find him way down on the list of people I think work at their craft.

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