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From Sports Desk: Friday’s Fractious Fumings

Of course I turned off the TV too early last night, choosing slumber in bed over slumber in my Ekornes recliner. Which means I missed the second half of the most highly contested bowl game of the season, Baylor’s come from behind W over UDub in the San Antonio River Walk Eat Some Tacos Alamo […]

The Vig’s & Don Bosco’s Revenge: It’s Time For This Week To End

It has not been the greatest year. In sports. In life. I would have hoped that it might have ended on a more positive note. But, noooooooooooooooooooooo . . . U of L’s Cardinals lost the Belk Bowl. U of L’s Cardinals lost their Big East opener against Georgetown. U of L visits Rupp for […]

Louisville Card File: Georgetown

This was inevitable. A comeuppance was a comin’. The comeuppance cometh. The harbingers for last night’s L have been manifest for weeks. No offensive flow. Poor 3-point defense. Too many turnovers. Nobody on the wing who can score off the dribble. No backup in the pivot. A shorter bench than heralded. Not only is Louisville […]

Louisville Card File: NC State Wins Belk Bowl

Well, not a lot to say about last night’s bowl game. U of L never gave up. Charlie Strong’s squads never do, even when playing poorly. And, the Cards displayed yet again that they are not quite ready for prime time. Which we all knew. But we hoped for a signature finish to the season […]

Getting Ahead of Myself: UK Preview

Yes, yes, yes, I know. Who more than I espouse the one game at a time philosophy? You only play who(m) you play, right? U of L’s conference opener — and a dandy tilt is in the offing at that — is tonight. The Hoya Paranoia 2011-12 Tour plays the Yum! That other game this […]

Christmas Monday: Emptying the Stocking

I’m advised that my nemesis Joey the Vig is on holiday in the Seychelles with several jeune filles half his age. Or so his “associate” Sal advised with admiration in his voice. But JTV still had time, while lolling by the pool, to text me in the aftermath of Nevada’s Hawaii Bowl L to Southern […]

Louisville Card File: Western Kentucky

Yeah, yeah, I know this communiqué is a day late. Sorry. But it’s not like there’s not other stuff going on, you know. Like, you know, Christmas and all. And Hanukkah. Which bring me to today’s musical introduction, as well as a lead in to discussion of the Cards’ less than stellar W over the […]

Seedy K’s Boffo Bowl Picks, Part Deux

Advocare V100 Independence Bowl (North Carolina vs. Missouri). Leave it to the folks in Shreveport to come up with yet another sponsor with an unwieldy title to underwrite their game. Whatever it’s called now or in the future, this will always be the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl to me. (And, to Joey the Vig, I […]

Louisville Card File: College of Charleston

At the 18:10 mark of the second half, I jotted down this ominous query: “This year’s Drexel?” The Cards were 6 down, and not looking on top of their game. The deficit increased to 38-46 at the 17:05 mark, when The Rick called his 3d timeout of the game. The Cougars at that juncture were […]

The Vig Report: Thundering Herd Carry Kid To Top

Revised 12/21 10:00 There has been no word from Joey the Vig this week. It’s a good thing. His local henchmen were spotted buying Christmas gifts at the Family Dollar Store. Which surprises me, since you’d think a man of Joey the Vig’s stature, with his necessity for privacy and loyalty, would compensate his “associates” […]