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Basketball Jones: Wednesday’s Twitterings from Tuesday

First, please stand up, remove your hats, and welcome Cheech & Chong as they sing Hoopsylvania’s National Anthem. * * * * * West Virginia was upset by Kent State during The World Wide Leader’s Faux Opening Day. U of L’s women, without three starters, were thrashed at Texas A & M. Memphis bashed Belmont […]

Louisville Card File (Hoops): Lamar

There was a stunning moment — at least from my perspective — during Rick Pitino’s media day press conference. One reporter’s query referenced that U of L only had two seniors — Chris Smith and Kyle Kuric — on the squad. Pitino, mid question, immediately chastised the questioner. “Three seniors,” he emphatically corrected. Well, not […]

Louisville Card File (Pigskin): Pittsburgh

Though it is an affectation of Deion Sanders, when he calls himself “Prime,” I get a kick out of it. He’s cocky. But he does it with a self deprecating wink. It is, of course, short for “Prime Time.” Which is a spotlight with too much glare still for a local football team. (Or two, […]

Louisville Card File (Hoops): Tennessee-Martin

As we headed home in the car, I asked my companions — the ever astute Film Babe and her daughter, a former prep baller — what observations they had of the game? “Dale Winters (Not his real name.) has a horrible haircut,” offered my bride. That’s it, Dale Winters haircut? “Mom, was a little bored […]

Where have you gone Joe Paterno?

In Happy Valley, it is not the same as it ever was. Nor, to be honest, is it across the sporting landscape of America. Former Penn State football coach, iconic Joe Paterno awoke this Thursday morning — if he slept at all — maybe telling himself, “This is not my beautiful house.” For the first […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week XI

Never have I been so pleased with a 2-3 weekend (31-19 on the season). I picked Bama, but am oh so glad that Nick Saban went down. I picked Ole Miss, but am oh so glad the Cats won. (I have no thoughts one way or the other on Houston Nutt’s “resignation,” except to say […]

Season’s Best Football Saturday Considered

Revised and corrected 11/07 @ 10:44 am. Louisville won. Kentucky won. Western Kentucky won. IU won . . a basketball exhibition. Nick Saban lost. JoPa’s reputation took a hit. Quack won. No new U of L basketball injuries were reported. What more could a kid who still remembers his Babe Parelli autographed helmet want from […]

Quick Look Back @ Louisville vs. Bellarmine

An overview. One main observation for each team. Without Peyton Siva, U of L is at best a slightly better than average club. Nothing more. If the multitude of injuries continue — and there’s no reason to believe they won’t — last season’s magic will be just that. Ancient hiistory, fodder for my alter ego’s […]

Louisville Card File: West Virginia

Name Game. Before I get down to breaking down U of L’s stunning upset of the Mountaineers — such as it might be — I need to answer the question on every Cardinal fans’ lips. Just who in the hell is Milan Puskar, for whom West Virginia’s football stadium is named? Turns out he was […]

Sports This & That on Thursday (Musical Interlude Included)

Injuries ‘r’ Us. Just yesterday I joked in a blog here that there might be another injury after Wayne Blackshear’s before I could get the piece posted. Sure enough, Peyton Siva suffered a concussion. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Especially when it comes to the Louisville Basketball Cardinals Injured Reserve list. Apparently the program […]