Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week XII

Future BEast stalwart The Naval Academy beat SMU, and my U of L Cardinals left their game in the video game room. But Nebraska won, Vandy won big and my Quack smote Stanford. 3-2 on the week puts me at 34-21 for the season, as we head down the home stretch.

My five are still alive (at least until they kick ‘em off).

Southern Cal @ Oregon. I have to express my disappointment in the sartorial stylings this season of my Oregon Ducks. (Yes, I am commenting on their unis . . . again . . . so deal with it, okay.) So conservative. Where’s the flair? Well, on the field, that’s where. Since that opening L to BCS “champion” designate LSU, Oregon has been rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. The Ducks made Stanford look like some WAC wannabe. In Palo Alto, in front of the ghost of A. Leland himself and that funky Tree Mascot. The Trojans are 8-2, but have been toiling in purgatory for transgressions which used to be considered heinous until Penn State showed us what really messing up looks like. Plus Lane Kiffin as a replacement for Pete Newell is such bad karma upon bad karma you can’t help but root against USC. Fortunately BKU (Bad Karma University) will fall. Quack!

Cincinnati @ Rutgers. The winner of this battle will sit atop the ever mesmerizing Big East standings. One of these schools could play in a BCS bowl game. (And isn’t the Orange Bowl just pleased as punch about that?) Well, so could West Virginia. Or Pittsburgh. Or UConn. Or Louisville. Reads like a murderer’s row, doesn’t it? The Bearcats have lost their QB. How bad a hit is that?  Well, it’s never a good thing for a stretch drive. At 7-3, the Scarlet Knights are one of the season’s surprises. They’ve won 2 straight since consecutive Ls to the Cards and Mountaineers. Make it 3 in a row for the soon to be league leading Rutgers.

Vanderbilt @ Tennessee. At 5-5, the Commodores have already won 3 more games than all of last season, with two still to play. And they beat Elon in their opener, something South Carolina’s basketball team couldn’t do. (To make a gratuitous reference to my last blog post, which was about hoops.) And they won the last time out by 30, an outcome most vexing in the Bluegrass. Rocky Top is 0-6 in the SEC. But the Vols did beat Middle Tennessee, something UCLA’s basketball team couldn’t do. (To make a gratuitous reference to my last blog post, which was about hoops.) Vandy is actually favorite in Knoxville, as sure a sign as any of how little Lane Kiffin left when he split for Cali. Can Vandy deal positively with prosperity? Will the Orange enter their finale against UK looking for its first league W of the season? Yes. And, yes. Black & Gold prevail.

Kentucky @ Georgia. I’ve got a better chance of winning “Dancing with the Stars,” and also winning the Nobel Prize for Literature plus starring as Charlize Theron’s love interest in her next flick than UK does of beating Georgia.

Louisville @ UConn. Here’s what I know about Charlie Strong. He’ll have the Cards ready for this one after last week’s mail it in effort against Pitt. I bet there aren’t any Cardinals tweeting about video games this week. I also know if U of L had won last week, they’d be on a collision course with a BCS bid. True. But they didn’t. I don’t know much about UConn. Other than that I still can’t figure out how they won the NCAA title last year. I believe in my team. I believe in my team’s coach. Cards will win.

– Seedy K


  1. Wildcat
    Posted November 17, 2011 at 3:25 pm | Permalink

    Really bold out- there pick in the UK- Georgia game Seedy, though I did enjoy immensely your prose about the game. I especially enjoyed picturing you as Theron’s love interest.

  2. Birdie King
    Posted November 17, 2011 at 11:52 pm | Permalink

    I’m like you Wildcat. I get all hot and bothered thinking about Seedy and Charlize in a steamy love scene! But first I think she would say, “Get rid of that crappy Quack apparel!”

  3. Seedy K
    Posted November 18, 2011 at 8:57 am | Permalink

    Charlize loves the Quack!

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