Basketball Jones: Wednesday’s Twitterings from Tuesday

First, please stand up, remove your hats, and welcome Cheech & Chong as they sing Hoopsylvania’s National Anthem.

* * * * *

West Virginia was upset by Kent State during The World Wide Leader’s Faux Opening Day. U of L’s women, without three starters, were thrashed at Texas A & M. Memphis bashed Belmont by 15 points more than Duke did several days ago.

So, my b-ball jones is finally being fed. (It means I won’t have to tune in the MAC football games during weeknights at least until next season.)

It’s a good thing.

* * * * *

As a public service announcement, and in case you’ve been asleep, incommunicado or out of the range of your TV, sports radio, Facebook, Twitter, the www. or ESPN, I feel duty bound to advise that Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski became the winningest coach ever in big time hoops, when the Blue Devils bested Michigan State.

Given his aura — as a leader, as a “molder of men,” as a program maker, as a campus icon, as a winner — he has received more plaudits and hip hip hoorays and adulation than any college coach since, well, since Joe Paterno.

* * * * *

It was my intention to stay up and watch UK’s wunderkinds in their first real test against Rock Chalk Jayhawk. I only saw bits and pieces, between which moments my eyes shut involuntary and I was visited by Mr. Sandman.

I saw the part in the first half where former future U of L superstar Marquis Teague committed six turnovers in about a minute an a half. I also noticed this morning while reading the box score that he didn’t have another one the rest of the way.

I also saw enough to believe Kentucky has what it takes to win the national championship, short of some supernatural, inexplicable meltdown. Through seven players, it’s as talented a squad as college hoops has enjoyed in awhile. Whether they coalesce or not is another story.

Point guard Teague is the X factor. (Aren’t PGs always?) He still likes to woof and puff that chest. Then again, he’s only played two college games. Both his game and personality seem less mature than either John Wall or Brandon Knight, but he’s blessed with a better supporting cast. Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are the real deal.

* * * * *

One swell thing I’d forgotten about hoops coverage: Hubert Davis’ laugh. It’s so infectious. And necessary as antidote, since he’s usually sitting next to the insufferable Digger Phelps.

* * * * *

Welcome officially to the Dead Man Walking list, Darren Horn.

Not so long ago while coaching the Hilltoppers, you were the mid major Flavor of the Month. Last night your South Carolina Gamecocks lost to something called Elon.

* * * * *

While Final Four hope springs eternal for Louisville Cardinal fans, yesterday was a bracing reality check.

Michigan State, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio State, Florida, Baylor, Texas, Memphis State and Kent State all appeared to be more talented and better developed teams.

* * * * *

Welcome officially to the Dead Man Walking list, Trent Johnson.

Not so long ago while coaching Stanford, you were on the list of up and comers. Last night, your LSU Tigers lost to Carolina. Coastal Carolina.

* * * * *

As a public service, in case you haven’t heard enough in the last couple days about Coach One Letter, here’s a nugget of info. Of those 903 Ws, the most, 41, have come at the expense of Maryland.

* * * * *

Welcome officially to the Dead Man Walking on deck circle, Ben Howland.

Not so long ago, you were being heralded as the man who would resurrect UCLA. Last night your Bruins lost at “home” by 20 to Middle Tennessee. Players are spending more time tweeting than in the exercise room. Others are simply suspended.

One must ask, are the Bruins in ruins?

– Seedy K


  1. fred
    Posted November 16, 2011 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    Did you hear that Coach K got his 903rd last night in the Garden? Just checking. I understand they just found an aborigine in the outback of Australia who actually had not.

  2. Wildcat
    Posted November 17, 2011 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Watching the human disaster that is named Knight fawned and hug his rat-faced “protege” was more than any rational, healthy person could ever possibly stomach. A horrendous night in American sports history.

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