Louisville Card File (Pigskin): Pittsburgh

Though it is an affectation of Deion Sanders, when he calls himself “Prime,” I get a kick out of it. He’s cocky. But he does it with a self deprecating wink. It is, of course, short for “Prime Time.”

Which is a spotlight with too much glare still for a local football team. (Or two, actually.)

Talk about a squad not ready to carpe diem. Exhibit A: U of L Cardinals.

Had they taken care of business yesterday, they’d be in a tie at the top of the Big East today.

Instead, Charlie Strong’s charges mailed it in. The message never got delilvered.

* * * * *

U of L had 5 penalties, which officially cost them 56 yards. It was actually more. One came on a runback. The Cards should have started the series near midfield. Instead, they hiked it inside their own red zone.

They were guilty of so many chop blocks, I kept waiting for a Vegematic commercial during ensuing timeouts. (Tsk, tsk, Nelligan Sports, you marketing guys are usually quicker on the draw. Oh well, it was a bad day all around for U of L Athletics.)

Pitt, by the by, committed nary an infraction. (Except for maybe the hold and the offensive pass interference, both on a 3d & 6 from Louisville’s 17 on Pitt’s first drive of the 2d half. There was a toss to the endzone. The Cards might have had a pick. But . . . sigh . . . it wasn’t called. Pitt, given a 2d chance, then scored.)

Officially the Panthers were 0 penalties for 0 penalty yards.

* * * * *

To be honest, I didn’t know until this morning when I read the paper that the Cards scored a second TD, then recovered an onside kick, giving them a chance to tie the game in the final seconds. Seedy K had left the building. I was on my way home when Pitt tallied 21.

So, I guess that last 7 play/ 71 yard TD drive was Louisville’s best of the day. But, like West Virginia’s meaningless final score last week in Morgantown, the score meant nothing. The deal was done, the defeat an inevitable long before.

When it mattered, Louisville’s only offensive threat of consequence was the first drive of the afternoon. It ended with an interception. After that, Louisville was totally inept on offense. Couldn’t take advantage of a fumble. Couldn’t take advantage of a missed FG. Couldn’t take advantage of . . . well . . . anything.

Except of course that field position wrapped for Christmas with a big bow around it. Matt Yoklic shanked a punt off his toe, giving U of L possession on the Pitt 11. Even my hapless Atherton Rebels could have punched it in from there.

* * * * *

Cardinal receivers were covered all day. Teddy Bridgewater’s passing stats are really an illusion. Not much happened in the air.

Nor, really, on the ground, where U of L runners only gained 115 yards. Half that total came from Bridgewater scrambles. (Or, perhaps, designed run plays? No matter.)

* * * * *

Louisville’s defense fared no better.

Pitt’s three scoring drives were, to coin a phrase (feel free to use it yourself), like a hot knife through soft butter. Read: TOO EASY.

Against Pitt’s depleted OL, U of L only had 3 sacks. And gave up 200 yards on the ground.

On the plus side, U of L might have found a good corner. Unfortunately, former WR Josh Bellamy only has two games — maybe three if the Cards get lucky — to further prove his mettle.

* * * * *

Other than that, well, uh, ummm, well, the Cards play Lamar this afternoon in hoops.

– Seedy K

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  1. Jason Puckett
    Posted November 13, 2011 at 12:24 pm | Permalink

    While the football team was totally inept yesterday, I wouldn’t call the women’s soccer team winning it’s first-ever NCAA tournament match, and the swimming/diving team sweeping Notre Dame a bad day for U of L sports.

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