Sports This & That on Thursday (Musical Interlude Included)

Injuries ‘r’ Us. Just yesterday I joked in a blog here that there might be another injury after Wayne Blackshear’s before I could get the piece posted.

Sure enough, Peyton Siva suffered a concussion. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Especially when it comes to the Louisville Basketball Cardinals Injured Reserve list.

Apparently the program has found the incidence of injuries to be such a popular feature, it’s upped the ante.

Introducing: Louisville Hoops Injury of the Day.

Mike Marra, with your bad back, come on down to the end of the bench in street clothes and don’t play.

* * * * *

Hold that Tiger. It goes without saying that they take their college football seriously down Louisiana way. Even when LSU isn’t heading into a 1 vs. 2 showdown, as the school is this week.

The Bayou Bengal fans love their Tigers. And they love their Tigers ferocious. On the field. On the t-shirt.

According to a snippet in this morning’s NY Times, the school modernized the Tiger logo about a decade ago. It didn’t sit well back in the bayous. Fans thought the suitably nasty looking Tiger — to foreign eyes — too cartoonish. They derisively referred to the new logo as Toonces the Cat. (Reference: SNL.)

Anyway, such trivial info is what we get when there is so much hype about a matchup that even responsible media outlets like the NY Times have daily “Postcard from LSU” and Postcard from Alabama.” Heck, I even saw an interview with ever morose Nick Saban last night on ESPN, during which he actually smiled. Really, I’m not lying.

Anyhow, in the spirit of Big Game week, it’s only appropriate to include a righteous version of an old classic.

* * * * *

MAC Attack. They might not play the best football, even in the midwest where its members are located, but the MAC sure has provided some exciting games this week.

After Northern Illinois’ 63-60 W over Toledo Tuesday in a “battle” that featured plenty of O, but nary a hint of D, it was hard to conceive that last night’s what-are-we-going-to-watch-on-Wednesday game between Temple and Ohio would trump the excitement.

But it did.

Ohio 35, Temple 31 in a contest with less scoring, but a shade more defense.

Plus the announcing crew actually seemed to have something to say. Former star Tim Brown was the color guy on the Tuesday telecast, and he needs to find another line of work pronto.

* * * * *

NBA Players Union or NBA Players Disunion? In a matchup worthy of professional boxing, union prexy Billy Hunter will batlle player rep Derek Fisher today, postponing a match with David Stern until later.

Seems the hoopsters are beginning to realize they’ve had it better than pretty good, and are becoming realistic about getting a settlement done and getting back on the court. So the union is meeting with itself today in hopes of coming to a united stand before re-instituting negotiations with the owners.

The ballers are getting anxious to play. Tweeting in on the matter were two former U of L Cardinals.

Of the revenue split difference, Samardo Samuels offered a telling observation, when he said, “It’s church money anyway.”

And TWill was, as always, typically TWill: “Let’s play BALL enough with the stare off.”

* * * * *

Injury Update. I am pleased to report that, to the best of my knowledge, no U of L basketball player has been injured since I’ve commenced this blog.

Stay tuned for further updates.

– Seedy K


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    This can’t be the Yardbirds Jeff Beck can it?

  2. c d kaplan
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    One and the same.

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