Monthly Archives: October 2011

SMQB: There Have Been More Joyous Saturdays

Schnell on the Schneid. The appropriate word here is easy: Bittersweet. Schnell opened his new stadium at Florida Atlantic, a program he’s built from scratch. The inagural game’s foe was on the rise but still relatively hapless Western Kentucky. I wrote earlier in the week that it would be a bowl game for the Fighting […]

Detroit Proves Mettle, Tigers Force Game Six

Isn’t there some famous World Series turning point moment, when Yankees shortstop Tony Kubek was about to play a routine grounder and the ball jumps up and knocks him in the Adam’s Apple? I believe so, but, frankly, cannot provide any more details. (I know, a little Google search would have provided more, but, hey, […]

Louisville TipOff Luncheon Notes

Some things never change under the Rick Pitino regime. Most of all, there are always injured players. Always. Van Treese injured his patella and is still a week from activity. Buckles still hasn’t received the final go ahead to play. And The Future — that would be Wayne Blackshear — still isn’t even The Present […]

Texas Cruzes to 3-1 ALCS Lead

I’m so sure fellow Tigers fans agree with me on this: We’ve had quite enough of Nelson Cruz, thank you very much. You’ve made your point, dude. Two decisive extra inning homers in the series. First time it’s ever happened in Major League Baseball. Rifle shot throw to the plate in the bottom of the […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week VII

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. Uh Huh, uh huh. Okay, maybe I should calm down a bit. Yes, as you might imagine, I went 5-0 last weekend, making me 21-9 on the season. Alas, two of my picks were the Carolinas, North and South, each of whom beat a separate but equally inept squad […]

Stuck inside Derbyville with the Motown Blues Again: Detroit fights Back

Those who have lived through such wishing-for-the-World-Series moments know the contemplation. The moment: Cabrera didn’t deliver last at bat when my Tigers ballcap was on my knee. So, this time, do I leave it there or wear it? If so, the regular way, or backwards or rally cap style? I wore it the regular way. […]

MMQB: Show Me, Mizzou & Other Lesser Important Stuff

Show Me, Missouri. All eyes, at least those of the college sports world, are looking toward Columbia, Missouri. Is the domino teetering, ready to fall in a southeasterly direction? Or, are they shoring up their midwestern foundation? I know Cardinal fans have out their binoculars, hoping for a better view. So too, West Virginia Mountaineer […]

SMQB: Kentuckiana anxiously awaits Hoopsylvanian Friday

Lost Weekend. Kentucky garnered 96 yards of total offense and played no defense in a 3-54 loss to South Carolina. In one quarter — the 3d, I believe — Louisville had more penalty yards than offensive yards. Forget the numbers, the Cardinals had four legit chances to tally in the first half and came up […]

Tigers 3, Yankees 2: Shirt bests Shoes, Mars

Yo, Mars. Yeah you, dude, Mars Blackman, I’m talking to you. They kept showing you last night in the crowd at Yankee Stadium, all decked out in some funky ballcap with a bunch of dates on it. I’ll assume those indicated Yankee championships. So, hey, listen up Mars, you won’t be needing to get a […]

Tigers, Yanks Endgame: Is it 8:37 Yet?

I understand the number. It’s been 43 years since my Detroit Tigers faced a final post-season loser-leaves-town-texas-chainsaw-cage-season-over-for-the-loser deathmatch situation. I am ready, though my stomach is boil boil toil and trouble. My sweetie has retrofitted my way too large 1909 Tiger throw back to a manageable size. My ballcap and glove are at hand. (Yes, […]