Louisville Card File: Syracuse

Louisville 27, Syracuse 10.

This is why I, a longtime, inveterate U of L fan, am very glad that Charlie Strong is my football coach.

For the second season in a row, his squad has displayed measurable, almost astounding improvement after a slow start.

It is not inconceivable that this year’s team could win two, or even three of its remaining contests to become “bowl eligible.” I hate that such is the new standard for college pigskin, but, given the youth and inexperience of this Cardinal team, it is a legit goal, even if we’ll want more in years to come.

* * * * *

Teddy Bridgewater continues to mature as a QB. In the first quarter, he went 7/7 in the air for 124 yards and 2 TDs. Actually 3 TDs. One, 27 yarder to Michaelee Harris, was called back due to a hold. His audible to pitch that resulted in a 61 yard scamper for a score by Victor Anderson was sweet. (How happy are we for Anderson, a great kid who has never returned to freshman form after injuries? Very.)

No picks.

Now we know why all the buzz about WR Harris, who didn’t play last season due to injury. The kid can make up ground to catch up to a throw, then makes the catch.

Jeremy Wright and Senorise Perry, both sophs, impress me more at running back than Dominic Brown, who seems to hesitate when hitting the hole and at the point of contact. Wright and Perry only got three rushes each yesterday.

Given yesterday’s performance by the defense, it’s hard to single out any one guy. Which won’t stop me.

True freshman Deiontrez Mount (#48 on your scorecard) had five unassisted tackles, the most on the team. While he’s played in 3 previous games, yesterday’s numbers were his first.

Okay, Preston Brown and Dexter Heyman were also huge.

Several time, Louisville held on 3d or 4th & Long, sacking Orange QB Ryan Nassib.

* * * * *

Louisville fell squarely within the Lord Giveth, the Lord Taketh Away category in the first quarter.

Bridgewater’s zesty 27 yard TD toss to Michaelee Harris was called back because of a hold. Then the Cards fumbled to end the drive.

Then, after some U of L miscues that proved not to be fatal in the red zone, Chichester caught a jump ball for Louisville’s second TD.

* * * * *

27 was the Cards’ biggest output of the season. And that’s with two TDs called back. The one mentioned above, and fake FG nullified in the 4th because of an ineligible receiver downfield.

* * * * *

The Cardinals still had way too many penalites. Six for 69 yards.

But were trumped by Syracuse, who arrived at Papa J’s more cocky than ready to play. The Orange drew 12 flags for 99 yards.

Which number made me think of this musical interlude, which, frankly, has nothing to do with football. (But it’s one of Springsteen’s best.)

* * * * *

All of a sudden, a couple of weeks after the resignation/ demotion/ ???? of former offensive coordinator Mark Sanford, the offense is showing life.

* * * * *

One thing I would have handled differently was game management at the end of the first half.

I would submit that, with :01 on the clock, Louisville, with the ball at midfield, should never have punted. Take a knee and let the clock run out. Or, try a Hail Mary.

* * * * *

Syracuse had a 4 game road league winning streak going into the game.

A member of the Champs Sports Bowl blazer brigade was in the house.

Peyton Siva was crowned Homecoming King.

– Seedy K

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