Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week IX

Another slightly better than average weekend last — Boise State, Penn State and, yes, U of L , won; Wisconsin and Jacksonville State didn’t — has me anxious to knock it out like Cruz or Pujols this time around. I need to improve on my 26-14 record for the season.

No beating around the bush. Let’s get to it.

TCU vs. BYU @ The JerryDome. Let’s see if I got this right? The Horned Frogs have been in about 10 different leagues in the last score of years. Including most recently the Big East where they paid the check, but didn’t stick around for dinner. The school seems to be in the Big 12 (?#) for better or worse, starting next season. Where it may be joined by West Virginia and/ or Louisville and/ or BYU, depending on whether Jay Rockefeller, Orrin Hatch or Mitch McConnell shows the most swagger. Rose Bowl champ TCU isn’t the behemoth it’s been the last couple of years but is undefeated in its current league. (If you guessed Mountain West, you win the Take Home Jeopardy game.) Brigham Young fashions itself the Mormon Notre Dame (Is that an oxymoron?) and is playing with the same mediocrity. Horned Frogs win the Friday Night match-up.

Clemson @ Georgia Tech. Clemson’s one of those schools I’ve never quite understood. I don’t believe I’ve ever met anybody who went there. I’m not even sure where it is, though I think somebody once told me it was the Purdue of the ACC. Sure hope its campus is prettier than the one in West Lafayette. Purdue is one U.G.L.Y. school. But the orange clad Tigers are riding high, undefeated and way up in those BCS standings, with a legit shot at losing in the BCS title game to Alabama or LSU. There was even an article in the NY Times about Tiger QB Tajh Boyd. The Ramblin’ Wreck have dropped 2 in a row on the road after a 5-0 start. I love how Paul Johnson’s team runs the ball. Plus the Engineers are playing at home. Yet, money talks. IPTAY prevails.

Iowa State @ Texas Tech. Seems like U of L has a new pal among those guns-up Red Raiders. When it was reported that West Virginia would be joining their league, TT coach Tommy Tuberville essentially said, “You kiddin’ me? You ever tried to get to Morgantown?” And their chancellor Kent Hance, the former congressman who now runs the school, gladly took Mitch McConnell’s call and thought it kind of neat the Kentucky’s senior senator was lurking in the shadows and whispering to his cronies to help his alma mammy. So, I’m inclined to forgive the school for hiring Bobby Knight and his son. Plus the football team just went into Norman and beat Boomer Sooner. (Which, if you’re listening David Boren, made me very sad.) Iowa State has lost its first four league games, not coming within 17 of an opponent. But, hey, I’d sure love for my school to join the Cyclone’s frat. Red Raiders, riding roughshod, rule.

Mississippi State @ Kentucky. The Wildcats W over Jacksonville State brings to mind this old conundrum: Would a bit more duct tape applied in the appropriate places helped the sinking Titanic? The answer has vexed experts for years, but I have always said no. And so it is with UK. A steady win over an undersized lower division school does not right the ship. The sad but self evident truth is that Joker Phillips’ squad simply isn’t a very good football team. To the extent that Joker is shooting up the Dead Man Walking charts with a Billboard bullet. This was supposed to be the Bulldogs coming out year. But there they sit, like UK, winless in the SEC. But a trip to Commonwealth is far less daunting than facing Auburn, LSU, Georgia or South Carolina. More cowbell.

Syracuse @ Louisville. The Carrier Domers only non-league loss was to outlaw Southern Cal, and only league L was in 2OT to Rutgers. And last week, they turned West Virginia, into what my grandmother would call “hockfleisch.” I’m not sure what exactly that is, but I don’t think it’s anyplace you want to go. The Orangemen, soon to be toiling in the ACC, are true villains now, right? Cardinal fans HATE ‘Cuse. Louisville is looking for consecutive Big East Ws for the first time since Cher was young and hot, not the biddy tweeting about how her offspring was hosed on “Dancing with the Stars.” I believe U of L’s inelegant but effective W last weekend was a beginning for them to commence to start to maybe perhaps becoming a better than average team. Cards stand Strong.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
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    Regarding a young Cher I would add Sonny was once too. I had an LP album from the late ’50′s and was reading the liner notes including the studio musicians. Darned if the drummer wasn’t one Salvatore “Sonny” Bono in his pre Cher days.

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