SMQB (A Little Late): Sayonara Sooners, Sparty Scores & Smore

Of all the memorable images from another Autumn Football Saturday, there is one I cherish above all others.

Notre Dame stadium. A deafening post-game silence. Clench-jawed F-Bomb Kelly walking across the field to shake the hand of victorious Southern Cal coach, Lane Kiffin.

It was all I saw on the Notre Dame Network — there was other, more compelling and meaningful sports on the telly — but it was enough. Loved that the Fighting Irish motivation trickeration — super gold helmets, shiny as the statues on the Place de la Concorde (just down the Seine from the real Notre Dame),  with real gold flakes, according to Alex Flanagan, Blonde Sideline Reporter — didn’t work. Such superstitious moves rarely work.

It’s hard to cheer for Kiffin, which I didn’t, but a Fighting Irish L at home is always reason to smile.

* * * * *

Not to make too big a deal of it, but Sparty’s last-play-of-the-game-reversed-on-review-off-the-carom completion for the TD and W over previously unbeaten Wisconsin is probably the biggest Spartan victory since beating down Athens in the Peloponnesean War.

Keith Nicol, former QB at Oklahoma (behind that Sam Bradford guy), caught the ball when it bounced off a Badger chest and bulled his way a half inch into the end zone. OT averted. East Lansing = Fun Town.

Wisconsin, undefeated and cocky going into the game, should have learned this lesson: Don’t start talking about being under appreciated until you’ve beaten somebody worthy away from Madison. (Northern Illinois in ChiTown doesn’t count.)

Actually Michigan State is a pretty fair football team. Losing to the Green on its turf is no disgrace. Unless you have “national championship” aspirations. In which case, your chances to become the SEC’s whipping boy in the BCS “title” game become most dim.

Next week, the Badgers visit the Buckeyes in the Horseshoe. Never a fun time.

By the by, the Spartans played the entire game without committing a penalty.

* * * * *

Yes, I did stay up to see the end of Texas Tech’s upset of Oklahoma, in a finish that was tighter on the scoreboard than it was exciting. (Actually I watched more of SNL with host Alec Baldwin, while it was on. The first hour was hilarious.)

The Sooners, unlike their cross-state rival Okie Staters, just don’t look like a team with the toughness and focus to win big. Last night, in Norman, they didn’t win at all.

It was almost 1:30 in the a.m. before this weather delayed battle ground to a finale. Because Texas Tech’s D was porous as a wedge of Jarlsberg, the Sooners stayed alive to the end, even though they didn’t play with the insistence of a champion. And Seth Doege hit for 441 yards in the air against a similarly inept Okie D secondary.

Oklahoma State, Stanford, Boise State, Kansas State, Houston and Clemson all won again. As they have in every one of their games this season.

* * * * *

That long time traditional Midwestern football behemoth University of Cincinnati is now in the driver’s seat in Big East play. Thanks to an impressive last minute drive, led by QB Zach Collaros.

Meanwhile, the loser South Florida remains winless in league play at 0-3.

Speaking of winless in the Big East, East Carolina would love to have the chance to match that record, but is still getting little love from the conference.

But the faithful can’t get enough of their QB Dominique Davis, who went 26/ 26 in the first half, increasing his consecutive completion streak to 36, smashing the old NCAA record co-held by Tee Martin and Aaron Rodgers of 23.

Meanwhile Houston’s Case Keenum, the most underappreciated QB this side of Montreal Alouette Anthony Calvillo, set the all-time FBS career total yardage record Saturday.

* * * * *

Ron English’s Eastern Michigan Eagles are now 5-3, the first time the school has won that many games in a decade and a half.

Western Kentucky’s Hilltoppers won again, upsetting league leading Louisiana-Lafayette. Bobby Rainey rushed for 206 yards an tallied 3 TDs.

Joe Paterno won his 408th game, tying Eddie Robinson for the most ever by amajor college mentor.

Boise State’s QB Kellen Moore won his 45th game as a starter, tying Colt McCoy for the most ever.

* * * * *

I’ve never been shy about mentioning the duplicitous lack of talent displayed by Steve Kragthorpe. So, to be fair, I must give the now LSU QB coach his props. His current prodigy, projected 2d teamer Jarrett Lee, has the lowest interception percentage of any QB in the Top 40 of passing efficiency. Which is not to mention the team Lee leads is undefeated and on a collision course with . . . you know what.

– Seedy K

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