Louisville Not Paralyzed Against Rutgers

Understand please, the headline was meant only to get your attention, not to be in any manner whatsoever disrespectful to Anthony Conner or the seriousness of his injury.

My prayers go out to Conner for a full recovery from his “broken neck.” That he has “feeling in all his extremities” is obviously a blessed and hopeful sign.

In fact my prayers always go out to all those who play American football, not just those who suffer injuries.

This is a fast, vicious and very violent game. Players are bigger, faster and more reckless with their bodies than ever. Protective equipment and rules to foster health and safety only go so far. Guys are going to get hurt, get hurt seriously and suffer life shortening injuries. It’s the nature of the beast.

I love football. And I have the utmost respect for those willing to toil in this violent environment for for my and other fans’ pleasure.

* * * * *

Given how immobility seems to be paramount when such traumatic spinal injuries occur, I’m not sure I understand the medical procedures immediately after such injuries.

Why put the player on a gurney, then in that motorized cart for transport to an ambulance waiting right at the corner of the field? Why not drive ambulance right onto the artificial field, thereby eliminating some of the possibility for further accidental trauma?

* * * * *

Here’s what I liked about the Cardinals’ effort Friday night:

The W.

Picks by Calvin Pryor, Adrian Bushell (on Rutgers’ first two possesions of the game) and Dexter Heyman with 1:41 to play to secure the victory. I’m not sure I understand why Heyman seemed to fall to the turf on his own accord after the interception, though it was of no consequence.

The running attack in the 2d half. Long gains, especially by Jeremy Wright, who went past the century mark for the game.

Teddy Bridgewater’s completion percentage. Bridgewater’s on the money TD toss and Michaelee Harris’s marvelous TD catch to put the Cards up 16-7 in the 3d.

U of L’s D holding Rutgers to 91 yards rushing on 30 attempts.

Chris Philpott’s 52 yard field goal.

* * * * *

Here’s what bothered me about Louisville’s effort Friday night:

10 penalties for 72 yards.

Allowing Scarlet Knight receiver Mark Harrison to get 10 yards beyond coverage with 7:44 to play. Fortunately Harrison dropped the sure TD pass.

Losing four yards of field position on the rekick after Rutgers’ score early in the 4th.

Blocked punt. Blocked PAT.

D.J. Butler’s missed tackle on a 3d &12 screen on Rutgers’s 2d TD drive. Giving up another 1st down on the same drive, on a later 3d & 10 situation.

False start and delay of game penalties on 2 consecutive plays on 1st down early in 4th quarter.

Giving up a tying TD on the last play of the 1st half.

* * * * *

Perhaps the most notable of former Rutgers’ All Americans is Paul Robeson. He earned such honors while playing for the Scarlet Knights in ’17 and ’18.

Which I mention as an excuse to allow you the pleasure of this ditty from the musical “Showboat.”

* * * * *

Among the luminaries in house Friday night was New England Patriot head coach Bill Belichek.

– Seedy K

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