Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week VIII

The Pigskin Pontiffs giveth. The Pigskin Pontiffs taketh away.

From a glossy, blemish-free 5-0 in Week VI to a less than mediocre 2-3 in Week VII.

The Schnell, my idol, a coach who has never lost a bowl game, was skunked in the opener in the House He Built for Florida Atlantic. Illinois was zooked by the Buckeyes. And my Cardinals remained inept on O at Cincy. Sigh. I’m 21-9 on the season.

But, hey, it’s a new week. There’s a Grantland Rice steel gray autumn football sky outside. And I forge ahead.

Air Force @ Boise State. You might say this one is like shooting fish in a barrel. Cherry picking. Choose your aphorism. I say it’s giving props to Louisville’s future Big East frat brothers. Chris Peterson’s orange clad Broncos are on cruise control and gathering steam. (Yes it’s multiple metaphor week.) (And, hey, what is it with orange teams this season? Boise? Okie State? Clemson?) The Potato(e) Men are besting their mostly less than stellar foes by 30 points/ game. Even an upcoming battle with TCU looks like a walkover. According to one web site, “There is a belief in Argentina that if an Ornate horned frog bites the lip of a grazing horse, the horse will die from the bite.” But that game will be in Idaho, not along the pampas. And I get ahead of myself. This week it’s the 3-3 Falcons in a Not Quite Big East Conference Game. The Blue Fielders continue their Quest to be an undefeated school that doesn’t make it to the BCS “title” game.

Wisconsin @ Michigan State. Sparty is 5-1, 2-0 in the Big 10(12). Those two league Ws are over the Buckeyes and Wolverines, which, in most years, the Biggie Munn years, would be cause for greater celebration. This week is THE test on home turf in East Lansing. No doubt Michigan State will take the field in their stylin’ Look Like Throwbacks But Aren’t unis. The ? is whether they have enough to best the league’s best Badgers. Spell Wisconsin: juggernaut. Undefeated. Scoring a nation’s best 50 ppg, with a nation’s best 40 ppg margin over their mostly inept competition. This week the Badger faithful went Rodney Dangerfield, squawking their team got no respect in the inaugural BCS poll of the season. Shut up and prove it on the field. I believe Wisconsin will.

Penn State @ Northwestern. Why am I concentrating on the Big 10(12) this week? Frankly, I have no idea. Except this one is a toss up. So it will take all my prognosticatory powers to spin a winner out of this paragraph of pure piffle. I could make JoPa jokes but that sad scenario has morphed to tragedy for the Nittany Lion Nation. Is there a 6-1 squad in the land getting less ink than these Pennsylvanians? No. Penn State is only a four point favorite in Evanston over a NW team that’s lost four in a row. Can Purple prevail over Penn State? I don’t think so, which will make JoPa’s team the least talked about 7-1 squad in the land.

Jacksonville State @ Kentucky. Alright, I’ll be far from the first to say it. Trap Game. The Gamecocks — That’s right, Gamecocks — are 5-1 and ranked #8 in the FCS poll. Glossy. Other than that, I don’t know much about ‘em. The lead story on their web site is about former wideout T.J. Heath, who was promoted to the Jacksonville Jaguars active roster. UK has lost four in a row, and a video on the team’s football page at features and interview with Darius Miller. Who, I feel compelled to point out, does not play football. Jack State is NOT a 9 point favorite as reported earlier this week. There is no betting line. The ? is whether UK is sooooooo bad that they’ll lose this one? I hope I’m wrong, but, sadly, I think they are.

Rutgers @ Louisville. Who would have thought the question for the Scarlet Knights this week would be whether they’ll be looking ahead to an ABC conference showdown with West Virginia next Saturday? 5-1. 2-0 in the Big East. Gary Nova, frosh phenom at QB. The Scarlet Knights have truly rebounded from last season’s 4-8 record, which included a 13-40 L to Louisville in New Brunswick. Charlie Strong has a new contract. The offense has a defined new mentor, QB coach Shawn Watson, a Left Coast O devotee. U of L hasn’t been able to score TDs with any dispatch recently, yet are favored. Go figure. I believe in the Cardinals. Usually to my detriment here. It’s a High School Night game. Fortunately, the Cards aren’t playing Trinity. Rutgers they’ll beat. I’m not sure about the Shamrocks.

– Seedy K

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    Are you eating quail with your potato(e)s?

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