Waiting for Wayne’s World & Other Tuesday Considerations

Just the Same as it Ever Was. Am I the only Louisville basketball fan who is tired, tired, tired of the annual roster soap opera?


Qualification issues.

And, in the case of Wayne Blackshear, one of the Cards’ two Golden Arches All-American recruits, both.

We’ve known for awhile that he has a shoulder injury that’s been more than a vexation for quite some time. But just learned yesterday, thanks to Gary Parrish of cbssportline.com, that, not only is U of L’s most important recruit hurt, but he hasn’t been cleared by the NC2A yet to play.

So he joins several teammates on the injured list, a key factor every year of The Rick’s underperfoming reign at Louisville. And he joins fellow star recruit Kevin Ware on the ineligible list.

Injuries happen randomly. Constant injuries season after season after season are more than coincidence. There’s a reason. Overwork? Poor preparation?

Something’s happening, and I don’t know what it is? But I know it’s long past wearing thin.

* * * * *

Network Battle of the Hand Slaps. The 49ers W over the Lions was intriguing for a lot of reasons. Two upstart squads that look to be playoff ready. Relatively young head coaches who are gettin’ ‘er done. A bruising if flawed mid October battle.

And all NFL fans are talking about in this age of If-There’s-Not-A-Controversy-Let’s-Invent-One is the post-game Jimmy-jam imbroglio between the head coaches, Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh acted like a putz. Schwartz over reacted. Period.

Let’s talk about how San Fran’s D shut down Calvin Johnson, and made Matt Stafford look mediocre. How the 49ers scored late when they had to, and Detroit, at home, didn’t.

Forget the fisticuffery.

* * * * *

Blame it on the BCS. I heard several college football wags opine over the weekend say that  you can’t blame the conference realignment mishmash on the BCS.

To which I respectfully respond: Bullshit.

The conference school grab is all about getting a seat at that BCS table and more than one piece of the pie.

If there was a 16 team playoff with at least one spot from all 11 major conferences assured, sanity would prevail. That would leave 5 spots open for worthy behemoths from the SEC, Big 10(12), Big 12(9), PAC Whatever, Indies, or even an extra school from the Mountain West.

Everybody would make more money. Traditional rivalries could be restored during the season. Geographical integrity would hold. December would be as exciting as March.

The Big Boys would get more seats at the table. Little Brothers would be represented.

Most Important: We’d have some damn good college football to look forward to post-season, instead of the meaningless to everybody but the bettors bowl games. And a Legitimate National Championship, won On The Field.

This is such a no brainer.

* * * * *

Stern Warning: One or Done. Those Too Rich for their Own Good pro hoopsters and the Formerly Financially Irresponsible bosses they toil for remain at loggerheads.

The Commish says get it done. Today. Or no game in your Christmas stockings, kiddies.

I saw a chart yesterday that compared the CEO to average corporate employee pay ratio for leading industrial nations around the globe. The largest disparity by far, an alarming disparity really, was the US. CEO’s here earn about 475 times what the average worker does, compared to something like 11 to 1 in Japan.

I thought of the ridiculous statements coming from some of these pampered pro basketball players, guys making millions of dollars to play a game they love.

It’s reality check time, LeBron. And you journeymen at the end of the bench. I know, I know, lots of travel, boring days in luxe hotels in cities far from home, away from family. Nagging injuries that deplete the body’s ability to recover. Yada, yada, yada.

Give it up. Get a deal done and shut up.

I’m rarely inclined to side with management is such affairs of labor. But these NBA ballers need a reality check. Immediately. As in Today, or so says Boss Stern.

World Serious Issue: Busch or Bush?. My Detroit Tigers have been bested.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers.

The Cardinals have tradition, the Clydesdales, “the best fans in baseball” and Tony LaRusso. But the manager is a good buddy of Bobby Knight. Guilt by association for me.

The Rangers have a funky manager, solid hitting up and down the lineup and a deep pitching staff. But Fan #1 is George W. Bush, a man whom I’d love were he MLB commissioner. Unfortunately, he took another job.

All things being equal, I’m an American League guy. Go Texas.

– Seedy K

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