Detroit Proves Mettle, Tigers Force Game Six

Isn’t there some famous World Series turning point moment, when Yankees shortstop Tony Kubek was about to play a routine grounder and the ball jumps up and knocks him in the Adam’s Apple?

I believe so, but, frankly, cannot provide any more details. (I know, a little Google search would have provided more, but, hey, you can do that too on your own time.)

Anyhow, the Tigers now have their own such post-season moment to chortle about. Which they will, especially if this gutty, aching band of Motowners improbably comes back and bests Texas for the AL crown.

* * * * *

Hot Corner, indeed.

In the top of the 6th, the Rangers had the bases loaded with 1 out in a tie game. They had Justin Verlander on the ropes.

Well, actually, no they didn’t. This year’s lock Cy Young winner induced Ian Kinsler to ground toward — all together now — the Hot Corner. Where steady as he goes Brando Inge swallowed the ball, stepped on the bag and hurled the apple to 1st for the rally-ending out.

In the bottom of the inning, Detroit erupted.


Then that instant lore Miguel Cabrera double off the third base bag. ESPN is now negotiating with that 3d base bag for its own 30 on 30 film feature.

Then a Victor Martinez triple that Nelson Cruz couldn’t snag.

Then Delmon Young’s coup de grace HR, his 105th long ball, or so it seems, of the Series.

Ball Game.

I heard or read a new term for that sequence of events. Sudden Cycle. Then I read the term, Natural Cycle.

Single. Double. Triple. Homer. In that order.

My term for it: Sweet.

* * * * *

Justin Verlander pitched a stellar if far from perfect game.

He had just enough.

He reached his all time high pitch count of 132 in the 8th. Pitch 133 was one toke over the line. Nelson Cruz — yes, him again — hit a two-run shot, closing the gap to 7-4.

Phil Coke closed the deal. But only after some anxious moments.

* * * * *

The guy I’m happiest for is Alex Avila. He was something like 1 for 89 in the series before he knocked that solo shot last night.

You can hear his knees moaning every time he trundles to the plate for an at bat. You can see the agony on his face as he trundles back to don the Tools of Ignorance for yet another of his umpteen hundredth consecutive inning behind the plate.

Victor Martinez is hurt.

Delmon Young is hurt.

Joaquin Benoit and Jose Valverde were too tired to play.

Key cog Brennan Boesch didn’t even make the series roster.

But the Tigers hang tough, like the decaying town they represent. It helps that Jim Leyland has such a steady hand.

* * * * *

The Film Babe already had plans for Saturday night.

She’s going to the opera with some girlfriends.

Good thing.

The throwback is ready.

The beverages are on ice.

I’m stocked with salted in the shells.

There’s a Game Six.

– Seedy K

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