Monthly Archives: September 2011

Bellarmine’s Victory Spoils: Voceforte Reigns

So I jogged yesterday in my new National Championship “Trust” t-shirt, graciously presented to me by Hunt Helm, Bellarmine’s PR Veep. It was a sweet gesture on his part. But I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. On the back it reads “voceforte. Which sounded to me like some secret cult […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Picks: Week III

So, here’s how close I came to having a perfect slate last weekend: a wafer-thin 1/2 yard. If Mississippi State QB bulls his way into the end zone on that last play against Auburn, I go 5-0. Sigh, the vagaries of trying to nostradamus the future. That disappointment notwithstanding, the kid did rebound for a […]

Daily Briefing (9/14/11): Wildcats, Cardinals, Lions, Tigers & My New Favorite Thing

No, I’m not ready to reveal my pick for The Game Saturday night — you may exhale now — but I can say I’m sure looking forward to it. It’s always fun, no matter how woeful the teams may be. And this year has been pretty grim so far for both schools, even if the […]

Sunday Snippets: Schnell’s 1, F-Bomb’s 2, Cards & Cats Want #3

Pop Quiz. Does Trinity High School field the best football team in the commonwealth? Well, probably not. But the simple reality that asking the question about the Shamrocks, without invoking peals of laughter, tells what a lurching, less than satisfactory beginning of the season it’s been for the Cards. And the Cats. And the Hilltoppers. […]

Daily Dispatch (9/08): Baylor Balks, Money Talks, F-Bomb Still Fused

It’s All MoneyBall. Desperate to remain relevant, Baylor goes Corso, telling the Aggies, “Hold on just a moment, my friend.” A & M goes SEC. Hook ‘Em Horns and Boomer Sooners go PAC Double Dozen or SEC or Big 10(20) or wherever they pretty damn well please. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, K-State and Mizzou go BEast. […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week II

What could I have possibly been thinking when I picked Rick Neuheisel’s UCLA Bruins to win in Houston? The guy’s been on a downhill slide since his Bracketgate scandal at UDub. And the Cougars, now that 15th year senior Case Keenum is back at the helm, may be this season’s BCS bracket buster. Georgia lost […]

SchnellSpeak: 09/09/11

College Pigskin’s Poet Laureate did not have a good weekend. First, his new hip started cramping in the team bus, causing a detour to the hospital. He ended up watching his charges from the press box, a first for The Pipe. How did he feel about that? “I don’t like it at all and I’m […]

MMQB: F-Bombs & Sartorial KnightMares

College Football Saturday’s Biggest Loser: Got to be Mark Richt, the already beleaguered Georgia coach, whose Bulldogs not only fell to Boise State, but showed up in unis so outrĂ©, my Oregon Quack looked positively Penn State on the other channel. UGAly is the descriptor that immediately comes to mind. I’m so sure there were […]

SchnellSpeak: 9/03/11

The hippest coach in America stopped in for a quick check up on the way to today’s game. The Schnell had a new hip put in right as fall practice started. Apparently he was in some discomfort yesterday, so he made a pit stop at hospital before the bus with team and coaches took off […]

Morning After: ‘Toppers, Racers Encouraged; Cards, Cats Regroup

I daresay Willie Taggert and Chris Hatcher are not the happiest of campers this morning. After all, their teams did lose last night to the commonwealth’s “major” football powers. On the other hand, they held their own. A break and timely completion here and there and who knows what the outcomes might have been. If […]