Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week V

Any moment now I’m expecting a decision from a Panel of Experts. They are deciding whether I can tally my prognostication of Toledo over Syracuse as a W or not? The Rockets were screwed. So, too, we who were prescient enough to pick the Big East abdicators to fall at home.

Wait a second, here’s the decision.

I’m opening the envelope now. The judgement reads:

In view of the ineptitude of the Big East officiating crew and the Big East replay crew, and considering how the visiting Toledo Rockets were, by all objective accounts, prevented from claiming legitimate victory, such deprivation occurring in a manner inconsistent with fair play, justice, and the principles upon which this nation was founded, the applicant (Seedy K) is not without standing to challenge the decision, which allowed the fraudulent Syracuse victory to stand.

Therefore, we, a Panel of Experts, find that said applicant (Seedy K) may, if he so chooses, claim his prediction of a Toledo victory as having been realized.

Let it be written, let it be enforced.

Bottom line: I so choose.

Therefore, since I also predicted Ws by Cincy, LSU, Alabama and Florida, I was a perfect 5-0 for the weekend, and stand 14-6 on the season.

On that high note, I jump head first into this week’s prognostications.

South Florida @ Pittsburgh. They need to call in the Ghostbusters to Iron City. The specter of Dave Wannstedt remains alive and well. The Panthers beat a couple schleppers to open the season, then blew winnable battles against Iowa and Notre Dame, neither of which is to be confused with a good football team. The Bulls haven’t played anybody either, but at least pulled out the victory under the Golden Dome. There’s no love lost around here for Pitt, whose prexy “led” the Big East to one of the worst decisions in the history of collegiate sports media relations. Waiting for a better TV deal, are ya, Big East? Tally a W for the pigskinners from the Sunshine State.

Air Force @ Navy. Now we come to the big one for Big East championship. Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. But it’s not such a far fetched scenario, should the conference survive in a manner it now deems prudent and reasonable. Though, should it come about, geography students around the land shall be considering a new paradigm. The only thing Colorado Springs is east of is the Pacific Ocean. The Falcons played reasonably well against future Big East rival TCU. ‘Splain that Texas inclusion to those students.  Despite the Middies’ rep as the best runnin’ squad in the land, Navy only ranks 4th. Air Force is #1. Since the game will be played in the eastern time zone, I say the time-shifted, out of sync Falcons are grounded.

Texas A & M @ Arkansas. Unlike the aforementioned contest, we know beyond peradventure that Aggies vs. Razorbacks WILL be a conference game next year, even though, students, Tejas is more SW than SE. Aggies lost a real battle last Saturday to former conference foe Okie State. Bobby “It’s All His Fault” Petrino’s guys were throttled up one side of the head and down the other in Tuscaloosa. After this one, in which A & M shall discover just how hot the frying pan is into which it’s jumping, the school may petition Mike Slive to actually play 12 against 11. Arkansas bounces back. Texas A & M doesn’t.

Kentucky @ LSU. You kiddin’ me?

Marshall @ Louisville. Speaking of conference comrades, it’s not so off the charts to consider this one might be a league game in the not so distant future. And I’m not talking Thundering Herd in the Big East either. Ouch. This is the kind of game, with an off week to prepare and heal, that Charlie Strong shouldn’t lose, no matter how underwhelming his team has been. The Green’s W over Southern Miss is surely more impressive than U of L’s conquest of woeful Kentucky. It is however of little consequence. U of L wins at home on that rarest of occasions, a Saturday afternoon home game.

– Seedy K

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