The More Leagues Change, The More They Stay The Same

Project globally. Emote locally.

Some U of L fans have dreamed of a day when they’d be tripping to Tuscaloosa and Gainesville for college football weekends. Playing the Cats home and away in hoops every year. A friend in Georgia has twice emailed, assuring me Louisville to the SEC is a “done deal.”

Some U of L fans have envisioned annual autumn visits to the Big House and to the banks of the Olentangy. Home and away hoops encounters with the Hoosiers. (Bill Stone and Doug James, Cardinal fans both, have always known better.)

Some U of L fans, myself included, hoped for a day when we’d be tripping to Cameron Indoor and the DeanDome for league hoops encounters. Playing the Hokies in Blacksburg and Seminoles in Tallahassee, with a trip to the Orange Bowl on the line. That would be, one guy’s opinion, the best case scenario for Louisville.

Given the weekend’s upheaval, U of L fans envisioned hooping with Rock Chalk Jayhawk in the newly formed conference tourney finals, playing in a winnable football league that still sat at the BCS table. Buuuuuuuuuut, the PAC 12 is playing the cards it has now. David Boren isn’t quite as powerful as he might think he is. Perhaps the Big 12 might dial Tom Jurich, but I wouldn’t be sitting by the phone were I he.

B.S. (Not to be confused with BCS). All of those “possiblities.” Not gonna happen. None were ever ever gonna happen. And, frankly Scarlett, Cardinal fans who truly care about football as something other than a party in the concourse at Papa J’s should have always known.

The game of musical chairs appears over . . . at least for the time being.

Which leaves the University of Louisville (and Cincy and South Florida, etc, etc) once again sitting at the kids table in the living room. (At least we’re not, thank the Good Lord, Memphis State.)

So it’s time for the Big East to 1) Find a commissioner with vision and balls and who knows what he’s doing, and 2) Retrench yet again, hoping they don’t get left with two bowl spots, in the Beef O’Poulan Weedeater Humanitarian Bowl and the ICEE Pinstripe Yankee Stadium Bowl.

Hello Central Florida. Howdy Houston. Is it you, FIU?

Boise State and TCU have proven a school can, even in these money-grabbing, rich get richer times, build national football powers outside the mainstream. It can happen here. And in Orlando. Even in the Queen City. Right coach. Real resources. Resourceful ADs.

Plus, it’s the only option, to be honest.

It’s time to pin the tail on the donkey.

– Seedy K

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