Seedy K’s Pithy Picks, Week IV

Revised and corrected 9/21 at 5:05

So abiding is my dislike for F-Bomb Kelly, that wishful thinking had me pick Michigan State to beat the Fighting Irish last week under the Golden Dome.

Sigh. It did not come to pass.

And, yes, I must own up. It’s true, it’s true.

After stupidly picking UCLA to win in Week I, I foolishly picked Rick Neuheisel’s Bruins to beat Texas last Saturday in the Rose Bowl. What an idiot.

There’s an old saying that’s appropriate here. I’ll let someone way more eloquent than myself recite it for you.

Shame on me perhaps, but I did correctly prognosticate Ws by LSU, West Virginia and my U of L Cardinals over UK, thank you very much.

I’m now 9-6 for the season. And back at it for another round.

North Carolina State @ Cincinnati. I feel the need to give props to Big East schools when my team isn’t on the other sideline. The league is way beleaguered. Absent some stunning, impossible to comprehend development, U of L and Cincy are attached at the hip, conference-wise, now and forevermore. Plus the Wolfpack are easy to dislike around here because: 1) They’re in the ACC, which keeps undermining my team’s conference, and 2) Their coach Tom O’Brien is an idiot, actually running off Russell Wilson, the most exciting QB in the land. Both teams are 2-1, beating the rummies on their schedules and losing to the legits. It’s time for the Big East to get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Bearcats get the W.

Toledo @ Syracuse. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we were proud of the pigskin resurgence of the Orange? Praising the school that spawned Jim Brown, glorifying the spectral presence of Ben Schwartzwalder’s ghost? Yes. Then they took their football and went to play down the block in the ACC. Boooo. Toledo has not exactly been rocketing out of the gate, losing a close one to overrated Ohio State and being throttled by Boise State. Yet it doesn’t just seem like the MAC nabs 2 0r 3 upsets per season, it happens. So bad is the ‘Cuse’s karma that I know it’s going to happen again this weekend. Rocket’s red glare prevails.

LSU @ West Virginia. The most scared I’ve ever been after a football game occurred, wearing red and black, in an interstate restroom just outside Morgantown after The Schnell’s Cards beat the Mountaineers 9-7. Let’s simply say, my crew quietly and quickly took care of business and skedaddled. West Virginia seemed hellbent to join Syracuse and Pitt recently, until nobody wanted ‘em. So, like Cincy, we’re brothers still, except when playing one another. But their 3-0 is hardly as impressive as LSU’s, which includes Ws over Oregon and Mississippi State. Wacky, Les Miles might be. Incompetent, or seemingly so, might some of Miles’ assistants be. But they got some mighty D. The Bayou Boyz are a legit national contenda. Purple and gold prevails in the Coal State.

Arkansas @ Alabama. The Crimson Tide is very highly rated but untested. (No, winning in Happy Valley is not THAT big a deal anymore as long as Methuselah remains Penn State’s coach.) The same goes for Bobby Petrino’s Razorbacks, though a close win over Troy seems iffy. The question which school has the surliest coach is a legitmate toss up. Bobby Petrino might be a little younger than Nick Saban, but his bile is just as acidic. Arkansas is on the verge of becoming THE next great powerhouse. (As long as You Know Who sticks around.) Alabama is already there, and isn’t about to be knocked off the mantle just yet. Cue the Steely Dan. Alabama wins.

Florida @ Kentucky. While on an air boat tour of a swamp awhile back, I learned an interesting fact about alligators. They love marshmallows. Go figure. Anyway, UK fans should pay attention to the sidelines Saturday. When the Florida managers start a bonfire on the sideline and break out the chocolate — no later than mid 2d quarter, I’d guess — it’s the Cats who will be the marshmallows. S’mores, anyone?

– Seedy K


  1. gnash001
    Posted September 21, 2011 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    You might want to re-check LSU’s schedule.

  2. gnash001
    Posted September 21, 2011 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

    Bama Managers?

  3. Seedy K
    Posted September 21, 2011 at 5:13 pm | Permalink

    Thanks to my eagle eyed fact checking reader in NashVegas, who graciously pointed out two inexcusable factual errors on my part, the above text should now be reasonably accurate. LSU has a W over Oregon, not Boise State, as originally written. And I doubt there will be many Alabama managersin Lexington Saturday night, give the Tide’s big encounter with Arkansas. As for the veracity of my prognostications, well . . .

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