Bellarmine’s Victory Spoils: Voceforte Reigns

So I jogged yesterday in my new National Championship “Trust” t-shirt, graciously presented to me by Hunt Helm, Bellarmine’s PR Veep.

It was a sweet gesture on his part.

But I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first. On the back it reads “voceforte. Which sounded to me like some secret cult to which Antonin Scalia might be a member, a group that dons robs, chants in caves and reads from ancient hyroglyphs.

Helm assured me it was merely a Bellarmine booster group, that it reads “strong voice” in either Italian or Latin or both. After which explanation, I felt comfortable that I wouldn’t be stopped mid jog in the park by some fellow, expecting a secret handshake and a mumbled greeting in jabberwock.

The shirt is simply one of the victory spoils available to those wishing to celebrate and honor Bellarmine’s national hoops title, won last season. There’s also a well-crafted DVD, “TRUST – How Bellarmine Brought Home The National Championship.” And a nifty little photo album, “Bellarmine University – The Road Toi The Championship.”

Plus some other commemorative stuff, I’m so very sure.

It’s a lovely story about our local school and team that could. And did.

For more info on how to get the stuff, check out

– Seedy K

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