SchnellSpeak: 09/09/11

College Pigskin’s Poet Laureate did not have a good weekend.

First, his new hip started cramping in the team bus, causing a detour to the hospital. He ended up watching his charges from the press box, a first for The Pipe.

How did he feel about that?

“I don’t like it at all and I’m not going to be up there any more.” He brought this addendum, “On the sidelines I want to make sure I have enough quicks to protect myself and stay alive.”

How did it happen, Coach?

“I crossed my legs across two seats. Like an idiot I continued to rehab while we were on the bus.”

The game itself was no less painful.

“It was bleak in that first and second quarter.

“I watched the game unfold, (and) it became obvious either we weren’t prepared mentally for the game or we didn’t expect them to be as good as they were. But more important than that is I can’t determine how hard they played and I can’t determine how talented or lack of talent we have because we made an error on almost every play that we had.”

The above quotes were taken from a story by Tom D’Angelo in the Palm Beach Post (Sept 3, ’11)

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