MMQB: F-Bombs & Sartorial KnightMares

College Football Saturday’s Biggest Loser: Got to be Mark Richt, the already beleaguered Georgia coach, whose Bulldogs not only fell to Boise State, but showed up in unis so outrĂ©, my Oregon Quack looked positively Penn State on the other channel.

UGAly is the descriptor that immediately comes to mind. I’m so sure there were decades-long UGa faithful, rushing to the restrooms to hurl chunks when their beloved Bulldogs ran onto the field in unis that would embarrass even a Texas high school footballer.

Now I love me some unique garb. It’s why I’ve latched onto the Phil Knight Ducks. But those red and black and silver Georgia duds were . . . well . . . duds. And I know Knight might be the most powerful guy in college pigskin — save for Mike Slive — but why on earth would a guy sitting on the hottest seat in the land spit in the face of tradition as Richt did last night? With icon Herschel Walker in the house no less.

Georgia 21, Boise State 35 might be the least of Richts problems this a.m.

* * * * *

The Broncos from PotatoLand were the flip side of the equation. Their KnightTime apparel looked positively classy, when compared to their old orange & blue outfits and that worn by the guys on the other side of the ball.

Plus, given Boise State’s less than daunting slate the rest of the way, last night’s W will lead to the usual colloquy whether they deserve BCS “title” game consideration? They get Nevada and TCU on the blue turf, and only Fresno State and Colorado State appear somewhat threatening on the road.

Until the PAC 12 doubles to the PAC Double Dozen and includes the Broncos — which might not be that far off — Chris Petersen’s charges appear to be in the hunt every season, given their Mountain West competition.

Their recent successes and rise to prominence raise this question: Which is the more improbable story, Boise State’s ascension in football, or Butler’s in basketball?

* * * * *

Meanwhile, LSU, donned in old school trad hearkening back to Billy Cannon and the Chinese Bandits, blasted my Quack. Oregon was resplendent in charcoal gray and iridescent green, but were thin and over-matched on the JerryDome turf.

Hats off to often dissed Steve Kragthorpe. He perfectly prepped backup LSU QB Jarrett Lee.

* * * * *

Two significant records were set in Notre Dame’s opening game loss to the BEast’s South Florida.

1) Most weather delays during a game. That NBC finally gave up and showed its normal prime time programming with a Notre Dame game still to be decided may be the surest sign of global warming yet., and

2) Most F-Bombs ever allowed by the FCC on network television. Irish coach Brian Kelly showed what a compassionate fellow he is, berating an assistant — with extreme prejudice — when the team failed to make a first down. Verbally enlarging WR T.J. Jones’ sphincter after an interception in the red zone. Melting replacement QB Tommy Rees’s facemask with a tirade after he called a timeout before a two-point conversion attempt.

The Notre Dame coach, apparently not quite yet imbued with the spirit and tradition of Touchdown Jesus, shall be known now and forevermore, at least here, as F-Bomb Kelly. That’s assuming that his next tirade doesn’t cause his head to explode, which would more than likely force his retirement.

* * * * *

In his 14th season under center for the University of Houston, Case Keenum led the Cougers to victory over UCLA, 38-34.

After the game, the QB said what all Houston fans wanted to hear, “I love it here in Houston, and I intend to end my career right here playing for Kevin Sumlin. I have no intention of transferring or being traded anywhere else.”

* * * * *

If there’s another game this season as entertaining as Baylor’s 50-48 fall-from-way-ahead-then-come-from-behind upset over TCU Friday night, I can’t wait to see it.

I know D wins. But O — lots of back & forth O — is what we love to watch.

* * * * *

Best Dressed Coach of Weekend: Bronco Mendenhall. Much to the Tri Delts dismay, the BYU mentor showed up at The Grove, Ole Miss’s iconic game day old south tradition, in a gray t-shirt.

Then, down 0-13, the newly independent Mormons talled two TDs late in the 4th to prevail.

By the by, wasn’t that Rebel QB Zack Stoudt once upon a time, U of L’s Next Great Signal Caller?

* * * * *

Co-Winners of Close But No Cigar Award: Middle Tennessee and Utah State. Both gave up Ws in the final seconds, the former in West Lafayette, the latter against defending “national champion” Auburn.

* * * * *

As if we needed more proof that time, indeed, marches on inexorably. The Schnell, apparently in extreme discomfort from recent hip surgery, coached his Fighting Owls from the press box against Florida, instead of the sideline.

– Seedy K


  1. Wildcat
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 3:36 pm | Permalink

    Saturday proved once and for all the fraud that is Notre Dame football. Each year even the best writers get sucked in and say this is the year they get back..Get back to where? They have been mediocre to horrible for a generation and that coupled with their unbridled arrogance make them the all time phony and fraud of college football. They won’t play their fellow Big East teams in conference play in football though they do in every other sport. Now we know why. They get their ass kicked. The Big East needs to call these jokers out and tell them to either play all teams in the conference in all sports or take their loser football team and every other team they field and be gone …far away.

  2. cbcard
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 11:11 pm | Permalink

    Not that often I am in 101% agreement with a Wildcat but I sure am regarding his Notre Dame comments. Well said.

  3. Jason Puckett
    Posted September 5, 2011 at 11:54 am | Permalink

    To say Mark Richt’s seat has gone from hot to solar flare in temperature is an understatement.

    However, the uniform’s weren’t his call. I think that was made by the guys in Beaverton, Ore.

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