SchnellSpeak: 9/01/11

Knowing The Schnell’s syntactical proclivities, I trust he’ll use the word “daunting” to describe his Fighting Owls’ task this Saturday when Florida Atlantic ventures across the state to play Florida’s Gators. And that’s only the opening salvo.

Here’s on thing I know he’s said so far. Schnell the Pragmitist: “If our two programs were closer together in their development and level in which they are playing, yeah, it would be more difficult to get ready for a team like that. They (Florida) have to understand that if they play a sound game and hard fought game they surely should win the game.”

After Florida, FAU visits defending BCS champ Auburn and Michigan State. Schnell the Optimist opined on how his undermanned charges will find the experience: “That was part of the reason why they came here.”

Bad hip. Final Season. College pigskin’s most engaging Quote forges ahead, undaunted.

– Seedy K

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