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Thursday’s Balls: Base-, Basket- & Foot-

L’shana tovah! That is the traditional, transliterated greeting for today, Rosh Hashonah, the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, the beginning of a new year. Ten Days hence will be Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It can’t come soon enough for the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox. Lots of guys on those […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Picks: Week V

Any moment now I’m expecting a decision from a Panel of Experts. They are deciding whether I can tally my prognostication of Toledo over Syracuse as a W or not? The Rockets were screwed. So, too, we who were prescient enough to pick the Big East abdicators to fall at home. Wait a second, here’s […]

SchnellSpeak (9/27/11)

The Schnell and his troops may be shellacked, but he hasn’t surrendered. He led his Florida Atlantic Fighting Owls to slaughter, in the name of mo’ money. Their first three games were at Florida, at Michigan State and at Auburn. O’er the ramparts Schnell (with a healing hip) watched the rocket’s red glare, bombs bursting […]

MMQB (9/26): Tide, Tigers, Ten Million & 1 Extra Point

One Wafer Thin Point. My guess is you’re figuring I’m about to tee off on the ever incompetent Big East officiating for screwing Toledo out of an extra point and W on Saturday against Syracuse. Not so fast, my friends. There’s plenty of time for that. The point I’m talking about is that scored by […]

Seedy K’s Pithy Picks, Week IV

Revised and corrected 9/21 at 5:05 So abiding is my dislike for F-Bomb Kelly, that wishful thinking had me pick Michigan State to beat the Fighting Irish last week under the Golden Dome. Sigh. It did not come to pass. And, yes, I must own up. It’s true, it’s true. After stupidly picking UCLA to […]

The More Leagues Change, The More They Stay The Same

Project globally. Emote locally. Some U of L fans have dreamed of a day when they’d be tripping to Tuscaloosa and Gainesville for college football weekends. Playing the Cats home and away in hoops every year. A friend in Georgia has twice emailed, assuring me Louisville to the SEC is a “done deal.” Some U […]

Charlie Strong Press Conference Notes: 9/19

Flush with joy after the biggest W of his short head coaching career — U of L 24, UK 17, if you’re just coming down from a 72 hour ecstasy trip — Charlie Strong was ebullient, even loquacious, when he met the press at noon today. Some pertinent highlights from the presser: * To acclimate […]

Cards Stronger than Cats, 24-17

I daresay it will come as no surprise to you that I begin by tooting my own horn. On Wednesday, I wrote, “U of L will prevail in a game that will be more competitive than competent.” You can look it up. Frankly it was a confident prediction. As I lumbered out of Papa J’s […]

Tom Jurich’s Biggest Test: That Darned Conference Thing

It is more than a little ironic that the day Dave Gavitt died, his brainchild was crippled, with an unsavory end seemingly inevitable. The Big East was Gavitt’s baby. Now that Pitt and Syracuse — the latter, a founding member for heavens’ sake — have slipped out in the middle of the night like Rick […]

Searching for Son of Schnell

As we all know the Greatest Quote in College Pigskin is retiring after this season. My search is on for replacement candidates. Here are the first two contestants Coach Green, come on down. Now, for contestant #2. Coach Bennett, come on down. If there any more contenders out there, please let Seedy K know? – […]