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Louisville Football: This One Could Hurtt

This is the yin and yang of college sports. On the day Charlie Strong excited the faithful at the Kickoff Luncheon, allegations of possible recruiting violations by one of his linchpin assistants surfaced. DL coach Clint Hurtt has been implicated by an incarcerated felon, who says Hurtt, while a coach at Miami, seriously breached some […]

Louisville Kickoff Luncheon Notes

An overheard conversation while walking into the luncheon: “Here’s what I think is going to happen. When do we play West Virginia?” “Late. In November.” “Right. Okay. Stein is going to be the starter through that game. They’ll bring Bridgewater along. Then Stein’s going to get hurt in that game. Bridgewater is going to come […]

Louisville Football in Strong Hands

Now I am in a pickle. Regular readers here know that I am a lifetime U of L fan. That said, I always try to be fair; laudatory about an athletic performance when praise is due, critical when that would be appropriate. Now that I have heard Louisville Cardinal football coach Charlie Strong speak to […]

Aggies to SEC, Later Not Sooner & Other Conference Nonsense

I’m advised by a reliable source with inside information — He spoke with someone who was in the room during the meeting yesterday of SEC presidents — that Texas A & M to the conference is simply on hold, not totally rejected. Apparently the prexys want to make sure the Aggies have all their ducks […]

Aggies Left at Altar, Dufner turns Fluffner: MMQB 08/15

I suppose in this day of incessant bloggery — Guilty, Your Honor — it’s hard for any public entity to keep a secret. Still, you’d think Texas A & M would have been a little more evasive about their plans to begin to try to jump into the SEC’s arms. The school obviously pissed off […]

Cardinals D May Have Taken Big Hit

Louisville’s football Cardinals scrimmaged Saturday morning. More important than the results may have been a significant injury. I’m advised by a source close to¬† the program, who would be privy to such information, that DE B.J. Butler suffered an injury of such concern that he was to undergo a MRI today (Sunday). I have no […]

Schnell Gets New Hip Today, To Retire . . . After Season

College Pigskin’s Poet Laureate, Howard Schnellenberger, announced yesterday that this coming season will be his last roaming the sidelines at Florida Atlantic. Unlike many in his profession, Schnellenberger is not being dragged kicking and screaming into retirement. “This was done so we can make it as seamless as we can make it. Do it in […]

Funky Nassau: Louisville Cards Rollin’

With 7:56 to play in the opening half of U of L’s first walkover in the Bahamas, they lead 37-13. I understand the shibboleth we get with coachspeak: More important than the games during these summer excursions is the ten days of practice the NCAA allows as part of the deal. That said, it also […]

Last Words on Stevie W & His Former Boss

Okay, it’s true. As I plunder inexorably into my dotage, my memory isn’t what it was. The latest reminder came yesterday when a reader commented on a blog I’d posted in December, 2008. I guess he got to it through Google, since the subject is the insufferable Stevie Williams. You know, The Caddie Who Thinks […]

Louisville Football 2011: Searching for Corners & a QB

Today was U of L’s annual media day. Free lunch. Then Q & A with the coaches and selected players in the press box @ Papa J’s. Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford mentioned his main concern two, three, four, five times — at the very least. Cornerback. Finding some guys ready to step up to the […]