Daily Briefing: Sunday 8/21

Well, Griffin McLarty, the 13 year old hurler, currently hanging out in Williamsport, PA with his North Oldham teammates at the LLWS, sure seems the Flavor of the Week.

Pretty heady stuff for a kid his age. Pitched a shutout and hit a game winning homer in front of 40,000+ and a prime time national TV audience. Frankly, it’s hard to comprehend. When I played Little League, there might be 20 or so parents in the bleachers on each side, showing their kids some love.

The thrill for me was when my dad came to watch. He was the Commissioner of the league, so he was most always taking care of business. Having him stop by my field during play was always a special moment.

Interviews after the game? I doesn’t compute. All we wanted to do was go to Frisch’s for a Big Boy with all the other kids and their folks, then scurry home to watch “Sgt. Bilko” on TV.

* * * * *

While McLarty seems to be getting all the acclaim, he was far from the only star of the team’s opening shutout. Jacob Bates made a really heady play on a bobbled grounder at first, throwing a tying runner out at the plate. And Jackson Mason, the diminutive catcher, with LLWS sculpted on his noggin, had that one and another putout at the plate. The kid was solid.

I loved Mason’s post game interview — on national TV. To paraphrase, “I really wanted to show what I could do. And I think I did.”

Son, you made this old LL catcher proud.

Tonight, the Kentuckians play Huntington Beach, Cali at 6:00.

* * * * *

Heading into another college football season, it appears Auburn is going to sweep all the awards from the last one.

With less than two weeks to go, the Tigers hold what would appear to be an insurmountable lead in the Fulmer Cup standings.

Auburn University has lapped the field with 81 points. Second place Syracuse only has 22.

Not familiar with the Fulmer Cup. Check out one of college football’s best sites: edsbs.com. The yearly competition gives points for players arrested and involved in serious transgressions.

Auburn’s runaway victory confirms yet again the efficacy of my own Pakistani Graduate Student Theory. Which, stated simply, is that a college football team’s victory total is directly related to the number of pigskinners on the squad who will beat up a Pakistani graduate student, walking across campus with a laptop, simply because they feel like it.

In these halcyon days of college pigskin profligacy, one shouldn’t be embarrassed by cynicism.

* * * * *

My Detroit Tigers could get a good grip on the AL Central if they sweep the Tribe today. And, they’d do so without Griffin McLarty’s idol, baseball’s best hurler Justin Verlander, taking the mound.

A victory today would give Detroit a 4 1/2 game lead.

I am looking over my shoulder at Rick Bozich’s ChiSox, who’ve been playing better as of late, and are within five games.

* * * * *

Professional sports labor troubles are not simply an American problem.

Did you notice that the Spanish Soccer League has delayed its opening because of labor strife?

– Seedy K

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  1. Muhammad
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    Nice post Tre. Coaching is much like parenting and tneahicg and a long list of occupations that show people the nicer side of what we feel is important. Obviously, soccer is something that can bring out the best and worst in people. Perhaps I’m not as religious as some of your readers, but, I am able to see good in people and I saw alot of good in your tneahicgs this last season. We all coach for one reason or another, we get as much out of tneahicg as the players do out of getting taught. It is all about winning, but t5hat can mean you win by showing a life lesson that will impact the way a young lady views herself. Maybe the game was lost but the manner in which they lost come back as a lesson in how to respond to diverse situations, we can’t win at everything. I don’t think they realize the life lessons they are being taught, even from a man with green hair at times. webmaster- hehe

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