Aggies to SEC, Later Not Sooner & Other Conference Nonsense

I’m advised by a reliable source with inside information — He spoke with someone who was in the room during the meeting yesterday of SEC presidents — that Texas A & M to the conference is simply on hold, not totally rejected.

Apparently the prexys want to make sure the Aggies have all their ducks in a row — meaning the acquiescence of all who might balk, like Texas politicos who could cut off funding — before extending the invite.

They also want to find a 14th — or 14th, 15th & 16th or more — school(s) to keep some divisional balance.

This will probably not happen for a year or so. (My conjecture: Unless some of the other leagues make overtures to schools the SEC might covet, like, say, Oklahoma, or, conceivably, Florida State. In which case, Slive will attack like the shark he is.)

Apparently the SEC presidents do foresee a future with just a few super conferences.

Because of population base — Read: TV viewership — the BEast will be one of them. Or, so I surmise.

* * * * *

I cannot conceive of any scenario in which Louisville will end up in the SEC. None.

– Seedy K

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