Aggies Left at Altar, Dufner turns Fluffner: MMQB 08/15

I suppose in this day of incessant bloggery — Guilty, Your Honor — it’s hard for any public entity to keep a secret. Still, you’d think Texas A & M would have been a little more evasive about their plans to begin to try to jump into the SEC’s arms.

The school obviously pissed off some Texas legislators, who weren’t consulted in advance of the school’s desires. Those politicos want in on the decision.

And, they might have made sure there was gas in the tank and the reservation was confirmed before turning on the ignition.

Instead, the the Aggies betrothal is melting in the park, all the green icing flowing down,. The cake’s been left out in the rain. And it took so long to bake it.

The 12th Man is left holding the ring.

* * * * *

There was a message on my phone, Friday, I guess it was.

“Remember where you heard it first. Louisville is going to the ACC.”

When I finally reached this “source,” who resides in Georgia, I learned it was nothing but supposition. He based his belief on the SEC raiding that conference along with the Big 12(10), and that when the smoke cleared, the Cards would end up playing Duke home and home every winter.

Frankly, that would be a sweet scenario.

But, nobody, including my “source” has a clue how all the college conference reshuffling is going to shake out.

Most wags, including Coach Cal, have the whole mess ending up like Orwell’s “1984″ with just a few super powers. Hello, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia.

Actually, it would be more like: Southeastern Conference, BEast, PAC 24 and Heartland.

Heck, the Haves might jump the NCAA altogether. Hello, ESPN Athletic Association.

It would be a most sad situation. I love the regionalism. I love the arguments that ensue over which areas are the best. Kentuckiana vs. Tobacco Road in hoops. SEC vs. Big 10(12) vs. Big 12(10) in football. (Thought that’s not much of an argument these days.)

It sure gives us something to talk about.

* * * * *

I wanted to see Jason Dufner win the PGA yesterday.

Not only had this guy with the Publinx paunch not won a tourney ever, but he hadn’t made a cut in months.

But he did what 99.8% of us do when under pressure. I needn’t say what that is. But I do know it’s time to cue up Toots & The Maytals.

That he’s displayed some disarming perspective in the wake of his fall is sweet. He may never win, but he’ll be a lot healthier.

* * * * *

The Coach Cal In-Your-Face-Rick Summer Tour actually looks interesting.

Wish those games were on the tube.

They gotta be more watchable than those U of L scrums last week from the Bahamas.

* * * * *

Kickoff is just 17 days away. Not that I’m counting days or anything.

In keeping with today’s Orwellian theme, I’m reminded of what happened in 1984. U of L opened at home against Murray. The Racers won 26-23. It won’t happen this year . . . I don’t think.

– Seedy K

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