Where Are Ye Now Mo Mo Jones? Why Talented Hoopsters Move Around So Much

It sure seems like these days a whole lot of high school basketball stars commit real early, then change their minds, then, often, change their minds again.

Which changes of mind, when you think about it, are not all that unusual for immature teens. Especially pampered hoopsters wined and ined from the 6th grade forward on the AAU circuit.

But studies now show, a lot of those kids are also changing high schools like the shoes they pick up as perks. Then, they’re almost as likely to transfer colleges as prep schools.

Luke Winn wrote a fascinating synopsis of the situation. If you care about high school basketball recruiting — which means all of you except that one guy in the corner wearing a leather football helmet — you’ll want to read the story.

And, you can find it here.

– Seedy K

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