SchnellSpeak 08/06: Howard now has 2 Stadia on his Resumé

I have been known to give Howard Schnellenberger shit in this blog.

Oh really?

And to pass along his malapropisms in the guise of entertaining sports bloggery. Hopefully, you understand it’s all in fun.

But the man deserves his props. So, along with today’s bon mots, a tip of the hat to a guy who now has upgraded a second football program — one that didn’t even exist pre-Schnell — with a spanking new stadium.

Last night, Florida Atlantic unveiled its new 30,000 seat facility near the beach.

College football’s poet laureate, coach and godfather and founder of FAU Fighting Owl football, did not mince words.

It is, he stated without a hint of irony, “the biggest event in the history of the university.

“I’ve been to a lot of stadiums, old ones and new ones … and I’ll be daggone if I would have ever believed (the new stadium) would have come out this beautiful, this majestic.”

He referred to the edifice as the “castle of the university.”

Does he pay attention to detail. Those who recall The Schnell, then at U of L, reciting the school’s umbrella policy on his pre-game show before a big game against Texas, know the answer. Which is: Yes. While touring the FAU stadium, still being outfitted, he advised construction workers that the play clocks needed to be raised two feet.

Hats off to you, Howard Schnellenberger, a guy who truly can git ‘er done.

Here’s hoping your Fighting Owls have a much better season — and future — than predicted.

– Seedy K

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  1. Wildcat
    Posted August 7, 2011 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    The previous athletic director never got enough credit for bringing the Schnell to Louisville. U of L would be playing Murray State if it had not been for the Schnell. Oops! The Cards are playing Murray State thanks to the new athletic director.

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