Monthly Archives: August 2011

Seedy K’s Pithy Pigskin Prognostications: Week I

One smart aleck reader has already inquired — with an extreme attitude, I feel compelled to note — whether I’ll be picking the games this year, taking into consideration a thing called a “point spread.” To which, I reiterate: Point spread? I ain’t got no point spread. I don’t need no point spread. I don’t […]

Strong, Kordes Lolla Meet the Press

Some observations from the first of Louisville football coach Charlie Strong’s weekly pressers, in advance of Thursday’s opening kickoff with Murray State. * * * * * Both Ken Lolla, mentor of the #1 ranked Louisville Cardinal futbol team, and Anne Kordes, first year volleyball coach, spoke on the undercard, and mentioned Strong with affection […]

Meeting My Mandate: Predicting Season Records

I know this to be just another bit of foolishness: What does Seedy K think will be the season records for the teams you and he care about? Even I could care less what I think at this point. In fact, I was able to hold off Joey the Vig and his thugs this year, […]

Daily Briefing: Sunday 8/28 (Killing Time till Kickoff)

Using my pal Bruce’s method of counting days, it’s 3 days and wake up until kickoff. * * * * * Unfortunately I did not make it out to see #1 U of L skunk UCLA, 2 zed, in the season’s soccer opener. (It was Saturday Night Datenight. The Film Babe and I took in […]

Daily Briefing: Friday 8/26 (Sports Surprises)

Item #2 updated 12:15 pm, 8/26. Item #2 updated again at 6:40 pm, 8/26. Apparently Kevin Ware, U of L’s Next Great Point Guard, isn’t going to be academically eligible until, at the very least, the second semester. Imagine our surprise. * * * * * Looks like Jordan Jefferson, who was out hours after […]

Daily Briefing: Wednesday 8/24 (Bonus Video Included)

Am I the only one who finds some inconsistency in this situation? Kyle Busch is this season’s NASCAR points leader, heading for the home stretch. Kyle Busch’s driver’s license was suspended yesterday for a May incident, during which he was clocked at 128 mph on a North Carolina road close to a day care center. […]

Daily Briefing: Tuesday, 8/23

Revised 8/23 at 1:14 pm I had to head to a meeting last evening, just as North Oldham was going into extra innings against Warner Robins, Ga. in the LLWS. Guess it was a good thing. Things eventually fell apart for the Kentuckians, who couldn’t figure out Jake Fromm. Until the Peach Staters tallied 3 […]

SchnellSpeak: 08/23/11

The Schnell never owned up as to exactly what type of surgery, if any, he had on his hip. But he’s hobbling around the FAU practice grounds, grousing back into syntactical shape for the upcoming season. Schnell the Provocateur was brief and full of pith when commenting on his defense after they picked off four […]

Daily Briefing: Sunday 8/21

Well, Griffin McLarty, the 13 year old hurler, currently hanging out in Williamsport, PA with his North Oldham teammates at the LLWS, sure seems the Flavor of the Week. Pretty heady stuff for a kid his age. Pitched a shutout and hit a game winning homer in front of 40,000+ and a prime time national […]

Will U of L stand Strong re: Hurtt?

While it would appear that some sort of remedial action be taken regarding Clint Hurtt’s status on the football staff, even if temporary, U of L’s hands are apparently somewhat tied. They are prohibited by the NCAA from discussing the situation with the assistant coach until after the folks from Indy have had their chance. […]