Him Again???: Musings of a Monday Morning QB

How can we miss him if he won’t stay away? The NFL isn’t even officially back in biz yet, and we’re already hearing the name of Brett Favre tossed about. To Philly as a back up? Somewhere else?

What a revoltin’ develpment this is.

Yo, Rick, two words: Willie Williams. I’m talking Rick Stansbury here, not The Rick. What on earth were you thinking when you recruited Renardo Sydney?

Short of setting up character transplant surgery for this talented ne’er do well, what possible positive outcome might you have expected?

Instead of accompanying his teammates on a summer excursion, meant for bonding and team unity, Sydney is off to counseling with John Lucas in Houston. Oops.

I’ve always thought Stansbury somewhat of a charlatan since I saw him ignore an opponent’s practice several years back at an NCAA sub-regional. That’s he’d take a chance on this kid confirms what a short cut kind o’ guy the Mississippi State coach is.

Speaking of questionable transfers . . .

. . . If it quacks like a Duck . . . The peripatetic former Demon Deacon and former future U of L Cardinal and former future UK Wildcat Tony Woods will matriculate at Oregon. Quack.

Word is the school’s academic year calendar will allow him to finish his academic requirements and be eligible this coming season.

Who knew the kid was in academic limbo? We thought he was just tainted goods ’cause he smacked his GF.

And, speaking of academic limbo . . .

. . . What up with Ware & Blackshear? Why is it that these guys are still completing high school stuff? Can’t practice with the team. Can’t travel to Bahamas. Aren’t even in town.

Sounds like same ol’ same ol’ to me.

Oy Oy Oy. Tip of the helmet to the oldest Tour de France victor in decades: Cadel Evans from Down Under.

In the Alps, he survived equipment malfunction and having to change bikes, to save enough time against Andy Schleck to keep him within distance. Then, in Saturday’s individual time trial, he blew the Luxembourgian away.

And while we’re tossing bouquets, let’s fling one Mark Cavendish’s way. There’s a guy with some leg drive. He won the Tour’s last leg (and a couple others) and the Green Jersey, emblematic of best sprinter.

Go Tigers. Talking Detroit’s Tigers.

Despite going 6-4 in their last ten, and scoring five less runs on the year than their opponents, the Motowners are 7 games over .500 and two games up in the AL Central.

I’d talk more baseball, But, frankly, I haven’t been paying that much attention. Except to my team.

– Seedy K

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