My New Favorite Golfers of All Time

The first question, I guess, is whether I’ve ever had a favorite golfer?

Um, well, not really.

Okay, Julius Boros. What I loved is how fast he played. He’d pull his club from the bag to hit a second shot . . . while still walking toward the ball in the fairway. And, I swear it to be true, he’d really never come to a complete stop. He’d swing on the go. Kinda like a polo player.

Then he’d be off to putt. Where he’d spend maybe a nanosecond longer, contemplating the contour of the green before lagging the ball toward the hole.

So, not ever having been an avid week in and week out golf aficionado, I guess Boros would be my favorite.

Next would be, I dunno, perhaps Ian Schadenfreude a/k/a Whoever Was In Contention Against Tiger. The past tense is purposeful. I’d be more than pleased if Eldrick never plays another hole. That messiah stuff got to me a long time ago.

I do watch the majors. Which means I’ll be tuned in, for sure on Sunday, maybe a bit on Saturday, to the proceedings at Congressional.

And I know who I’ll be rooting for.

Ben Crane. Bubba Watson. Rickie Fowler. Hunter Mahan.

Here’s why:

I know nothing about any of them, other than this video.

They could be cretins. Tea Party members. Hopefully they don’t kick their dogs, but, hey, they might.

But I love how wacked this video is, so now they’re my faves.

I’m advised by those who follow the game more closely than I that professional golfers are, by nature and rearing, more likely to be politically conservative than not. More likely to be devoid of any appreciable personality than not. More likely to have married some super hot jeunes filles than not.

All of which are reasons to dislike them.

But this is cockamamie, silly, video gives me hope that there actually be some life under those Insuracen Company ballcaps. Actually silly is a good thing.

You go, dudes. Whichever one of you is which?

So, rest assured, on those rare occasions when I do check a leaderboard, these are the names I’ll be looking for first. Hopefully near the top.

In terms of cultural relevance, this has rocketed into a solid second place on the list of Most Important Golf Moments In Culture.

Topping the list? Oh, oh, oh . . . you know:

Big hitter, the Lama.

— Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted June 17, 2011 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    Tom Lehman.
    When these guys play they walk as close to the middle of the fairway as possible to distance themselves from the gallery on each side. At the first Valhalla PGA Lehman birdied two and then hit an excellent shot into the par three third. While he was walking up the fairway a guy standing immediately to my left hollered out “Keep it going Tom.”

    Lehman paused a step, turned and looked straight at the guy, grinned and said “Thanks.”

    Tom, “you da man!”

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