Lord Stanley’s Game VII: Canucks Host Bruins Tonight

Addled minds think alike.

Fellow hockey fan (and writer) Christopher Hall commented on — you know where — that’s right, Facebook, that the NHL Finals series reminded him of the ’60 World Series.

That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking, I thought when I read it.

Then Tony Kornheiser made the same observation on PTI.

When I advised Christopher of that, he offered that perhaps he deserved a spot with the World Wide Leader.

Yo, dude, moi aussi.

See, it’s been a wacky series. Vancouver’s Canucks have won three at home, 1-0. 3-2, 1-0. Boston’s Bruins have won three at home, 8-1, 4-0, 5-2. That’s 17-3 favor of Boston in Beantown. If only the Hosers had Paul Revere to ride ahead and warn them of the reception they’d receive in the Home of the Original Tea Party.

Vancouver’s 5-2 home ice advantage, however, counts just the same. This is match play, not medal. Whichever squad scores the most tonight north of the border takes Lord Stanley’s Cup home with them.

(Why the comparison to baseball in ’60? Well, the Pirates won their first three games of that World Series, 6-4, 3-2, 5-2. While the Yanks pummeled Pittsburgh in their three Ws, 16-3, 10–0, 12-0. Bill Mazeroski’s walk off homer for a 10-9 victory in Game 7 gave the Pirates the title. Even though they were outscored 27-46 in the Series, including two double digit shut outs.)

Bottom Line: Christopher, Tony and yours truly nailed this one. That’s why we get the big bucks. Or, at least, why Tony counts his Benjamins, while Christopher and I check to see how many tens of you read our opinions?

* * * * *

Which, of course, begs the important question. Can the favored Canucks capture the Cup tonight at home, like every other Canadian team which has faced a Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 at home?

Will Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo play to form at home, where he’s twice shut out the Bruins in this series? Will Boston goalie Tim Thomas, easily the MVP of the entire playoffs, be able to keep the Canucks in check? And, will the Bruins display the same offensive fire power tonight as they’ve generated at home?

That, you puck fans, is why they play the game.

Which, as Christopher has wondered, brings us to the ultimate question.

Who is going to come up Maz tonight?

– Seedy K

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