Much Ado About Nothing: NCAA & Kentucky Both Wrong

This one’s gonna be quick.

(In fact, I probably wouldn’t write about the NCAA vs. UK-Coach Cal- 500 W brouhaha, if the 2010-2011 men’s basketball season hadn’t ended last night. My buddy Bruce calls me periodically during the off season, as he did today to set up lunch tomorrow to talk, ahem, b-ball. He always asks, “Is it too early to talk hoops?” In Hoopsylvania, never.)

For whatever unfathomable reason, before one game last season, Kentucky celebrated John Calipari’s “500th collegiate win.” Despite the fact . . . well . . . you know.

It was, frankly, a headscratcher. Even in a land where Big Blue Faithful camp out for a week to watch players be introduced at Midnight Madness.

Bottom line: Not only was it stupid on UK’s part, it was wrong. Why go there?

And now, months later, the NCAA is making a big deal of it, asking for an apology, the wording of which must be approved by the governing body.

Bottom line: Not only is it stupid on the NCAA’s part, it is wrong. Why go there?

Which is all I’m going to say about this subject.

Unless, come Thursday there’s nary a whiff of news about hoops to hang my hat on and complain about (to mix several metaphors). At which time, I might have to reexamine this non-issue in more depth. Maybe even a series.

–Seedy K

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