Heat Wilting, Dallas Mavericks Up 3-2

I’ve written this hundreds of times, but it always slips my mind when I go off and write something foolish — as I did of these extraordinary NBA Finals when I declared Miami a lock to win the title.

The Best Players don’t necessarily make the Best Team. It remains one of sports’ premier truths.

Yes, the Mavs’ Dirk Nowitzki is far and away the most transcendent baller of this series. But Dallas doesn’t have a trio who can match the talent level of LBJ, D Wade and Chris Bosh.

Yet there is no doubt whatsoever which city is home to the Best Team.

Big D little a double ll a s. (Which of course doesn’t mean the Mavs are a lock to win one of the last 2 on the road to seal the deal.)

Last night that other team in Jerry Jones’ town cooled the Heat from the get go. Until a mid 4th stanza meltdown.

With 4:22 to play, after a trey by courageous Dwyane Wade, Dallas must have wondered “how have we played so well, shot so good, and we’re down 95-99.” For a nanosecond perhaps. Then they scurried to the solution instead of the problem.

The Best Team outscored the Best Players the rest of the way, 17-4. No prob.

It was glorious to watch, stunning. A clinic in steady, mature winning basketball.

Can’t wait until Sunday night. An NBA Finals Game #6 and “Treme.” What more could a guy ask for?

* * * * *

“King” LeBronBron is really The Emperor With No Clothes in disguise.

Last night he garnered the quietest and most meaningless triple double in the history of triple doubles.

Here’s what The Great Pretender did after his team secured (actually didn’t secure, I use the word as irony) a 4 point lead.

Missed a 17 fooot jumper.

Charged when trying to bull his way to the basket for a turnover.

Missed a trey.

Hit a meaningless, uncontested layup at :25 that left his team down, 103-108.

The only other shot he took in the entire quarter — the 4th quarter of a pivotal game to win an NBA title — was a missed three earlier in the period.

The next person who mentions James in the same sentence as Jordan, Russell, Magic, Bird, West, World B. Free, Hakeem, Oscar, Kareem, Kobe or Dirk needs to have his mouth washed with Ivory Soap.

* * * * *

One of the great pleasures of watching the series has been the absence of Mark Cuban. No shots of him in the crowd. No mention of him by the announcers.

Though, if his team pulls it off, he deserves his props.

* * * * *

Another thing I love about this series — one of the best Finals I can recall — is the lack of inordinate whining by the players over calls by the zebras. Refreshing.

The refs have done a marvelous job, though they sure missed more than a few walks and pivot foot switch by D Wade at a critical juncture last night.

* * * * *

In other NBA news, I’m sad to read where MY team, the Detroit Pistons, intend to talk with Kelvin Sampson about their vacant head coaching slot.

Yes, the guy can coach. But he’s such a negative presence.

Don’t do it, guys.

– Seedy K

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