Heat, Headbands & Hosers Hosed: Tuesday’s Tidbits

What lessons did I learn from Breakfast at Roland Garros on Sunday morn?

For one, Phil Knight remains the real King of Sports. (Take that LeBronBron!) There were more swooshes about than on Jay Cardosi’s weather map with one of those Grateful Dead t-shirt storms coming through.

But seriously. The real take away is that Rafie and Roger could teach LeBronBron a thing or two about how to wear a headband. Lower on the forehead, dude. It’ll totally change your underwhelming game.

Don’t get me wrong, even those tennis aces don’t approach the sartorial transcendence of Slick Watts. But, neither do they appear to be impersonating a monk.

* * * * *

As for hoops itself. Well, tonight’s the night for the Mavs.

They have to win the next two at home to have any chance whatsoever of capturing this series. I don’t see how they can do it. Just not enough talent and scoring ability.

I do want to give some props to Chris Bosh. Not only did he can the winning jumper the other night, but afterward — if the highlights I saw told the whole story — he just turned and ran down court instead of woofin’. (And, my fellow sports aficionados, the reason I watched highlights instead of the game itself, was simple. “Treme.” The HBO series about post-Katrina New Orleans is viewing priority Numero Uno in our household.)

* * * * *

Beantown’s Bruins bounced back — with terrible swift sword — in Game #3 of the Quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

8-1, the hosers took it on the chin.

If only Vancouver woulda had, ya know, Paul Revere to ring them bells and fire them warning shots, like he did for the British, then all woulda been okey dokie for the Canucks.

* * * * *

Sorry I’m going to miss The Rick’s press conference this morning to explain how he’s going to whittle down his cast of thousands to a manageable roster. I’ve a prior committment.

Anxious to see how it all shakes out?

* * * * *

It’s time for me to pay attention to MLB again. My surging Tigers are now but a game and a half behind in the AL Central.

Not that I’m a fair weather fan or anything. Now, where did I put that Detroit ballcap?

* * * * *

Did you see that assessment of next year’s college football season that had LSU on top o’ the heap?

Apparently someone at Sporting News hasn’t been paying attention. Steve Kragthorpe’s going to be running that offense. And coaching the QBs.

– Seedy K

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