Heat Melt, Messi Mugged & Lord Stanley Still Reigns

My man Mark isn’t going to like this.

Actually, I’m a bit miffed myself.

I fell prey last night to what I call World Series Syndrome. Which means Game Deux of the NBA Finals started so late — at least for us old farts — that I fell asleep.

In the first half.

Then I rallied.

Then again in the second half, right after D Wade drove for a dunk after the double team slipped away and the Mavs bigs didn’t protect the hoop.

Next thing I remember is being awakened in my recliner by the voices of that triumverate of clowns calling the game for ABC who are shrieking, “Dallas has come back from 15 down to tie the game.”

Wow, I thought to myself, after a Game #1 that was duller than watching U of L beat up on South Dakota A & P in a December warm up tilt, these finals may be a series after all.

I did catch the fascinating end though. You know what happened, but I’ll reiterate anyhow.

Chris Bosh didn’t fight through a ball screen, allowing Dirk Nowitzki an open trey, which he drained. Jason Terry lost his man on the ensuing inbounds play. Mario Chalmers did his NCAA title game redux, draining an open three from the corner. Then the Heat, regressing to freshmanitis, failed to take advantage of a foul to give, allowing that German w√ľnderballer to drive to the hoop, canning the winning deuce with his injured left hand.

Watching the highlights, I observed that, during its comeback, Dallas did the tighten up on defense. Miami did the tighten up on offense. The former is far more preferable than the latter.

I still believes talent wins out here. Dwayne Wade is not your normal Scottie Pippen second banana. The question is whether Dallas’s guile can overcome Heat bravado. (LBJ, it’s just a damn dunk for heavens’ sakes. Stop woofin’ and get down the court on D.)

If the Mavs can win a couple in Big D little a double l a s, they might just have a shot to steal one of the last two on South Beach. Dallas has the better coach. And, until He Who Would Call Himself King closes out a championship, I remain a doubter.

* * * * *

Lionel Messi, the best soccer player in the world now, and arguably the best ever, returned in triumph to his native Argentina. Or, so it should have been. His F C Barcelona bashed Man U last week for the Champions League title. Thanks to a couple brilliant plays by #10.

During an autograph session, some kid hauled off and either punched or tried to punch the diminutive star. Talk about your Rodney Dangerfield moment. Guess those gauchos remain groucho because Messi hasn’t yet lead the homeland to the World Cup title.

* * * * *

You’ve heard this before, and you’re now going to hear it again. (Unless, of course, you surf away.)

The Stanley Cup playoffs are, due to the nature of hockey, consistently more compelling than the championship playdowns of any other sport.

This was confirmed yet again, in Vancouver’s stunning 1-0 W in the Finals opener Wednesday night.

The goalies were incredible at both ends of the ice. Defense reigned. The Canucks and Boston’s Bruins battled for 59:42 without a tally. Then, with OT a seeming certainty, Raffi Torres took a nifty pass from Jannik Hansen then slipped the biscuit in the basket.

So, as I say every year, check it out. Give pucks a chance, etc, etc, etc. With an open mind, you’ll be glad you did.

– Seedy K

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  1. Mark
    Posted June 4, 2011 at 12:00 am | Permalink

    Darned right I don’t like it. A classic tilt. ¬°Viva, Nowitzki!

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