Ware’s The Scholly, The Vest Divestiture & Summer’s Heat

Take that Brandon Bender. U of L’s Cardinals have fought back to a draw with former part time b-baller Brandon Bender.

By all accounts the woefully underachieving former Ballard Bruin steered Seneca QB DaMarcus Smith to Central Florida. Apparently, much to Smith’s chagrin, after he learned that Bender was just woofin’, and that CF’s star QB was going to remain under center. DaMarcus decommitted after signing a LOI, from which that noted maker of men, CF coach George O”Leary, wouldn’t grant a release.

So Smith is wandering about lost in BrandonBenderLand.

Which sentence in purgatory Kevin Ware has apparently been able to avoid. Ware, high a school guard of some note and significant potential, initially hitched himself to the star that was Bruce Pearl. Who, as we know, self immolated and now is but an afterthought in a black hole somewhere in a galaxy far far away.

Ware almost got brandonbendered also, by committing to — all together now — Central Florida, to play for “the greatest basketball coach” nobody’s ever heard of: Donnie Jones.

Then The Rick got to woikin’ to make it work. So, the latest news — Stay tuned it may change at any moment — is Ware’s set on wearing the red & black next season.

Along with 25 or 30 of his soon to be closest teammates, since Louisville has the longest roster since New Orleanians were lining up to apply for FEMA trailers.

The Cardinal Nation is wondering just who might stay on board, and which Cards will feel the slice of The Rick’s terrible swift sword? Who is now sitting in Roderick Rhodes’ seat?

There isn’t a doubt in my mind it will all work out, roster wise. Coach Pitino has never been shy about discarding student athletes when it was necessary to meet his plan for that particular day. Or, for sending them to minors, then recalling them if necessary to meet his needs. It was the game he played with Perrin Johnson and Bellarmine.

Tears Along The Olentangy. In a move that was inevitable, Jim “The Vest” Tressel has “resigned” as coach of Ohio State’s Buckeyes.

And, before ye acolytes of the O*H*I*O Nation start your “Ur*Ban Mey*er” chant, ya better check where those 2-time BCS champ Gators got all their tatts and how they paid for their mobiles during the Meyer Era.

There is no better gauge of how smarmy college athletics has gotten than comparing the demise of Tressel with that of Buckeye icon Woody Hayes. Hayes punched a Clemson Tiger in a bowl game, and was adios Olentangy the next day. Tressel was able to duplicitously prevaricate about his transgressions for months before “resigning.”

Though I’m sure you’re as impressed as I am that Tressel’s farewell talk to his players was “eloquent.” At least that’s what soon-to-be-former Ohio State AD Gene Smith said.

The real shot to Brutus Buckeye’s solar plexus is still to come. Wait until the powers that be start looking into hoops coach Thad Matta’s MO. It’s a constant buzz on the recruiting trail that Matta is, let us say, the coach who will go to any length to git ‘er done.

The Terrible Trio Shall Prevail. I’m talking about Dwayne, LeBron and Chris, of course. (So, first let me apologize to the Original Terrible Trio, the name given a boffo U of L hoops recruiting class in the 50s that included Don Goldstein, Alex Mantel and Harold “Unc” Andrews.)

As much as I loathe Mark Cuban, I’m sure rooting for the Mavs.

But, sigh, it ain’t gonna happen.

A Heat title appears as inevitable as The Vest’s divestiture.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted May 31, 2011 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

    You left out soon to be president Gordon Gee. Unless Tressel doesn’t fire him.

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