Hoops Time: Playing for Pay Playoff Observations

There’s something about LeBron James that simply doesn’t feel right.

It may be the stupid way he wears that headband. (Somebody send him a photo of Slick Watts, will ya?) But I think it’s more than that. I simply can’t put my finger on it.

He’s a way better than average shooter. He’s strong. He passes and tries to make his teammates better. He can go to the goal. (And, a lot of the time, not actually taking that illegal second step the NBA zebras allow.) He seems a decent enough sort, even if every move seems calculated to aggrandize King LeBron as a brand.

But, as talented as he is, I can’t help but observe that he lacks something that Magic and Bird and Jordan and Russell had.

Let me hear from you. Am I alone on this?

* * * * *

That said, it looks like Pat Riley’s move to buy the title is going to work out. Miami’s going to win.

The Bulls are simply too young. I thought perhaps the Dookies and two-time college champ Joakim Noah, with his well of piss and vinegar, could help push Derrick Rose, who is still in the maturation process, to the throne. It ain’t gonna happen . . .this year anyway.

Speaking of immature, let me introduce you to Russell Westbrook. His teammate Kevin Durant still has some growing up to do also. OKC is simply not ready for prime time. Which is not to mention that Scott Brooks is most underwhelming as a coach. I know the pro game is different from college, and that I’m not as knowledgeable as I should be because of a lack of regular season interest in the game, but . . .

. . . OKC just looks lost a lot of the time. Too much one on one. Not enough sets, or the discipline to get into the sets, that get Durant and other scorers the ball in the right spot.

On the other hand, Dallas is under the steady hand of Rick Carlisle. And, star Dirk Nowitzki is well supported by mature Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion.

They will make Miami sweat. Simply don’t see how they can win 4 of 7 though.

Besides, their owner Mark Cuban, as refreshingly outspoken as he may be, is still a petulant putz. I find him hard to root for.

* * * * *

Perhaps the most annoying trend of the NBA playoffs has been this thing with everybody in the arena wearing the same color t-shirts What? Why for this silly trend?

I mean, really, this is not a Pulaski County middle school trip to Mammoth Cave.

Fortunately, the folks of New Orleans balked more than the other towns. A few drank the Kool Aid, but many more said “take your shirt and shove it, I’ll wear what I want.”

– Seedy K

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