I’m Baaaaaaaack, And Ready To Shake ‘Em On Down

Back from New Orleans, from which locale I did not report on the PGA tourney there during the first weekend of JazzFest. You could care less. I could care less. Though, since many of the golfers stayed at the same hotel where I was, I can confirm this: Their wives were all attractive. And most were carrying toddlers about.

Nor did I report the nuances of the Saints’ draft selections, save for a mention of U of L Cardinal Johnny Patrick.

But I’m back. The NBA playoffs are getting interesting. So too the Stanley Cup playoffs. (Last night’s 3-1 Red Wings win to force a Game 7 in the Western semis was playoff excitement at its apotheosis. Until tomorrow’s loser-goes-home decider.

Plus there’s the Cats and the Cards and The Rick’s and Coach Cal’s ongoing oneupsmanship — I’ll trump your Puerto Rico with the Dominican Republic.

And wouldn’t we love to know what really happened between CBS and Gus Johnson? Of course, college hoops fans are the losers here.

Stay tuned.

The Pith returneth.

– Seedy K

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