New New Orleans/ Louisville Connection: Johnny Patrick

Okay, I lied. I said I wasn’t going to be checking in on the sports scene from New Orleans.

Then the Saints upped and drafted former Louisville Cardinal CB Johnny Patrick in the 3d round of the Federal Court-sanctioned NFL draft.

Not that coach Sean Payton is overly enamored with Patrick. He’s basically looking for Patrick to possibly be a “special teams gunner.” Payton also indicated Patrick was essentially the next name on the team’s list, that they’d have taken a couple other mid-level guys, had they not been picked right before the Saints’ were on the clock.

To his credit, Patrick said he’d play offensive tackle if so asked.

* * * * *

Walking back from dinner last night — at Cochon, if you must know — I saw the final moments of the end of San Antonio’s halcyon days. Good for the Griz.

What I now see is an open path for the Lakers to the finals. None of the others in the West are quite ready to grab the reigns.

How can we miss Kobe, if he won’t go away?

– Seedy K

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