CBS’s Masters Baiting: Yoo Hoo, HE Didn’t Win

I will acknowledge that, as much as I find Eldrick Woods a pompous ass, he does seem to have charisma on the golf course. He is popular. The networks and sponsors — only four minutes/ hour because, well, you know, this is The Masters – love him because gullibles like my friend David will watch tournaments when he’s contending and won’t when he isn’t.

And I’ll admit that, given his off the course peccadillos and the resulting minimization of his game, his powering his way to the leaderboard this afternoon made the Masters more compelling than it might have been otherwise. Even with the mad scramble at the top.

That said, he didn’t win the tournament. And, attention CBS, he wasn’t the only player on the course.

I swear, before Rory McIlroy sadly self destructed and was still atop the leaderboard, the coverage would show a shot of Tiger drinking water, then switch to a replay of the leader.

Gimme a friggin’ break.

Not since Dickie V went down on Coach K after the Dooooookies beat Carolina at Cameron Indoor, have I heard and seen such suck up. Remember when Tiger’s dad was spouting nonesense about how his son was going to change the world, end hunger, calm the oceans and stop earthquakes. Well, it’s like Jim Nantz and his cohorts, as if they were Scientologists or something, drank the damn Kool Aid. Talk about swallow.

Something named Charl Schwartzel won the thing. Okay, that’s not fair, the South African made some incredible shots and stayed steady. He deserved the W, though I was rooting for the Aussie duo after McIlroy realized he was too young to grab Augusta National by the fringe on Sunday.

That You Know Who didn’t win saved CBS, truth be told. I trust they’d cut away when Jim Nantz genuflected in front of the Messiah in the Butler cabin.

– Seedy K

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