Suddenly, Final Four Feels Foul

Just when we’re about to sit down and enjoy what is inarguably our favorite hoops night of the year, a dark cloud has descended.

Instead of the countenance of Baron Adolph Rupp and Butler icon Tony Hinkle shining gloriously down upon this last weekend of the college hoops season, we’ve got the eerie specter of Bilal Batley and Nate Miles.

Plus the disconcerting memories of the Astrodome Final Four in Houston forty years ago. The four participating schools were UCLA, Kansas, Vacated and Vacated. We loved that Western Kentucky Hilltopper five — small town Kentuckians all — but the records say they never competed. Villanova either. I could have sworn I watched the game, but, hey, that’s another tale for another time.

Which is not to rehash the sanctions currently facing UConn and its Coach Jim Calhoun. Nor the stinking you know what that follows you know who around from job to job like dog poop on the soles of his shoes.

All of which is why, the vast vast majority of basketball fans are wishing, hoping and praying for a champ on Monday named Virginia Commonwealth or Butler.

But the sad, sad, sad, sad reality is that those schools and Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart are probably only marginally cleaner than the other guys. Some of the wannabes — most? — play the nasty game too. Didn’t I read where some school like Texas A & P just admitted to some violations?

The point is this. If we didn’t love college basketball  – and football — so much, we would loathe the means by which success is attained. It’s a nasty damn business.

Okay, no more for now. I’m going to block it out until Tuesday.

Let’s tip it off and enjoy the culmination on the court itself of our favorite sport.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted April 2, 2011 at 6:08 pm | Permalink

    Cal cheat? Calhoun cheat?

    Cal is the only guy to have two FF’s vacated and Calhoun is the only head coach I can remember being publicly called a cheat by another head coach (Jim O’Brien while at BC as quoted in the Boston Globe after the reporter gave him a chance to retract the accusation).

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