Monthly Archives: April 2011

New New Orleans/ Louisville Connection: Johnny Patrick

Okay, I lied. I said I wasn’t going to be checking in on the sports scene from New Orleans. Then the Saints upped and drafted former Louisville Cardinal CB Johnny Patrick in the 3d round of the Federal Court-sanctioned NFL draft. Not that coach Sean Payton is overly enamored with Patrick. He’s basically looking for […]

Out of Town, Out of Mind

Probably not much sports gossip goin’ on here for the next 10 days or so. I’m New Orleans. And not for the golf tournament. Nor the Lakers visit to town tonight. (Though I’d have gone if my gang didn’t already have plans for Galatoire’s.) The other big sports news here will surely be the NFL […]

Nolan Smith, In Your Face

I trust I’m not the only one more than a might miffed at the chutzpah of Nolan Smith. And scratching my head. On, no less,¬† just about the fourth anniversary of the moment when he flipped U of L the bird, and headed off to fame and, yes, fortune, and a title as a Devil […]

Purging That Title Game Malaise

No, I didn’t go down like Uncle Mo in the Bluegrass. Yes, I’ve been away. From here, anyway. It was that cockamamie ending to the college hoops season that took hold like Swine Flu with an added Ohio Valley crud strain and wouldn’t let go. It was like my fingers couldn’t hit the keyboard, even […]

Little Ricky Pitino: Coach In Waiting??????????

Luuuuuuuuuuuucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do. All of a sudden the phones are ringing. My email box is full. I can’t tell you how many people have contacted me today, wondering what insider info I might have about Little Ricky returning to papa’s side? Here’s what I know that you don’t: Nuttin’, honey. The […]

CBS’s Masters Baiting: Yoo Hoo, HE Didn’t Win

I will acknowledge that, as much as I find Eldrick Woods a pompous ass, he does seem to have charisma on the golf course. He is popular. The networks and sponsors — only four minutes/ hour because, well, you know, this is The Masters –¬†love him because gullibles like my friend David will watch tournaments […]

Wallowing in Hoops Withdrawal

The good news about Kyrie Irving simply isn’t enough. (Yes, hoops fans, the Blue Devil superstar is one and done. All together now: Awwwwwwwww!) I need something else, something of sporting substance to ease the pain that comes annually after the final Monday night of the season. Way too early prognostications about next season — […]

Huskies Mush Bulldogs: UConn 53, Butler 41

Well now, that’s not exactly the championship capper we were anticipating, was it? Butler shot like Biddy Ballers. UConn hung on. Irascible Jim Calhoun won his third title. How come I feel like I need a shower? * * * * * The truth, my fellow hoopaholics, is that this was the perfect metaphor for […]

U of L Athletics’ Greed Knows No Bounds

Got my bill for U of L season football tickets today. One seat. Six games. Three against conference foes Rutgers, Syracuse and Pittsburgh. Three against this contingent of “big time” programs: Murray State, Florida International and Marshall. Season cost of ticket itself: $264. Cost of “scholarship pledge” required to be able to buy ticket: $350. […]

Butler, UConn Advance: Morning After Reflections

Considering the whole evening, the one thing that struck me most was how much better the Davids — Butler and VCU — played than the Goliaths. UK and UConn played a highly competitive game. But they both played nervously. Neither played as well as they are capable. The Wildcats hit a third of their shots […]