ESPN vs. C-USA: Who Ya Got?

In its corner, Conference USA has ferocious Tigers and Cougars and wild Mustangs and Pirates, if not the Somalian kind. Plus the velocity of a Hurricane, and the tsunami force of a Green Wave. And Owls with eyes and Eagles to soar.

The question though is whether the middling college athletic confederacy has enough lawyers and assets to beat down the Beast that is ESPN?

Seems that the league — like every other similar entity in college sports — had a contract with the Beast, giving the latter rights to football and basketball games and to get first crack at a future contract when the last one ran out.

Which it was about to do, when C-USA, defying all logic, if not a few extra dracma, signed an agreement with Fox.

The Beast is a hungry omnivore. It desires to have access to the whole buffet, not just the Golden Corral’s seafood Newburg.

And so it has instituted legal plunder on this wannabe conference.

What Bristol wants, Bristol gets. And I’m not talkin’ that Palin gal, trying to dance her way from under her mother’s cloak.

Those of you eagerly awaiting next Novermber 5th for the telecast of Southern Miss vs. East Carolina, best make sure you’ve got both Fox Sports South and ESPNsignificant.

– Seedy K

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